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Want To Find Out How To Apply for American Tourist Visa?

The US is a geographically huge and culturally very rich nation. It is thronged by countless people round the year and from far and wide. Numerous such people apply for American Tourist Visa for the purpose.

For the tourists, there are plenty of attractive options to choose and derive pleasure from. The country is a home to some of the world’s most spectacular monuments and man-made wonders with the Statue of Liberty being just one such attraction.

If after reading this, you also want to apply for American US Tourist Visa, check this blog!

Getting the visa is not difficult provided you complete the process and submit the required documents. If were earlier an aspirant for Work Visa or Business Visa but failed to get one, no need to lose heart! Apply for this visa. It will solve your purpose to a certain extent.

For you purpose, the B-2 Visa should be a good option. The US Government offers it after clubbing it with the B-1 Visa. So basically you have to apply for B1/B2 Visa and get one, right?

The visa is issued for a temporary period and the duration could vary from six months to ten years. The period depends on the involved consulate. If you are granted a short-term visa, let’s say of six months or less, it is generally a Single Entry Visa. Long period visas are Multiple Entry Visas.

The B1/B2 is basically a non-immigrant visa and issued for a temporary visit to the country. It is perfect for visiting family, tourism, getting a medical treatment or attending a business conference/meeting. Though the requirement for the American Tourist Visa is not that hard or difficult to fulfill, these are not very simple either.

You require proving that your visit to the country will be temporary by nature and that you intend to return once your trip ends. Besides, you must also have enough funds to cover the expenses of your entire trip–right from the date you land in the overseas hotspot to the day you depart.

How to apply for American Tourist Visa?

Visit the official website of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and fill the DS-160 form electronically. Make sure the information that you provide is accurate. Once the form is submitted, it is not possible to make any changes to it. Submit the visa application along with the processing fee.

Post the submission of your visa application, take an appointment with a concerned consulate. Confirm that you successfully fulfill all the requirements, lest your visa application gets rejected.

And before you sign out, do not forget to take the print out of the barcode on the last page of the application form. You will require the same while you appear for an interview.

Can one work with the Tourist Visas?

The visa is designed exclusively for travel. It’s illegal if one works with it, and if one is found doing the same, the repercussions may be severe.


Figure Out UK Visit Visa Online Application Process, Move Overseas Provisionally!

The UK is an amazing foreign destination and a perfect holiday spot. If you are from India and want to visit a ‘real’ foreign destination–teeming with historically and culturally rich tourist spots–then unhesitatingly apply for and get a UK Tourist Visa, also known as UK Visit Visa. If you want, you can opt for convenient and speedy UK Visit Visa Online Application option.

However, even if you choose the UK Visit Visa Online Application option to submit your application for the much sought after visa, you will have to visit the nearest UK Consulate or Embassy or the VFS Centre to present your visa application and complete other necessary formalities.

UK Visit Visa Online Application Process Step-By-Step

You will have to follow some key steps to successfully apply for the prized visa that usually comes with a validity period of six months.

Step 1

To begin with, check the UK administration website for visas and immigration in India and download the application form from there. Also, download the instruction page. Fill in the form and get all your important documents to present at the visa center assigned to you, for the object of submission of your documents and interview (if required).  To successfully complete the application procedure, you will have to book and attend an appointment at the visa application centers in India. Every UK visa candidate has to book an appointment prior to the application submission.

Step 2

Visit the application center at least 15 minutes early. Carry your appointment letter and application pack, your passport, together with a legally valid passport or travel document with not less than 1 blank page.

Please note that you will not be able to present more certificates/papers after your application has been duly presented at the visa application center. The documents that you presented at the time you made your application will be the only certificates/papers that will be examined.

Step 3

Get your fingerprints and photograph (called biometric information collection) taken at the visa application center. This comprises a digital finger scan (all 10 digits) besides a digital photograph. The finger scan procedure employs an electronic scanner and no ink, liquid or chemical is used. Confirm that your fingertips are 100% free from any forms of decoration as these could impact your capacity to proffer satisfactory finger scans. It is important that your digital photograph is captured with your whole face and minus sunglasses or colored spectacles, or head covering until and unless it is sported for either religious or medical motives. Your face should be openly observable.

After the visa filing process gets done, you will get an acknowledgment receipt. Do not lose it as you will require it later to get your documents submitted back.

So, this, in short, is the UK Visit Visa Online Application process step-by-step. Use the information shared here to get the visa and move to the famed hotspot to have a very good time, though only for a brief period, right?


Tourist Visa for USA from India–Some Key Facts You Can Use

Do you now that it’s relatively easy to get a Tourist Visa for USA from India if your paperwork incomplete and you meet the mandatory visa requirements?

The USA–as it well known–is a popular tourist destination. It has some of the most popular tourist attractions in the world for you to explore and gain pleasure from. No matter what compels you to travel to the overseas hotspot, it is mandatory that you get a visa for the purpose first.

The USA has successfully managed to maintain the status of one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and Indians–much like others–are highly impressed with the nation’s amazing lifestyle, wonderful amusements parks, appealing casinos, and striking natural beauty. Every year, Indian tourists spend a huge amount for traveling to the hotspot.

The nation is thronged by a large number of Indian tourists every year and they generally apply for the B-2 Visa. It is issued for 1 year to 10 years and offers you the liberty to travel abroad any number of times.

It is recreational in nature. It denotes using this visa you cannot study or work. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the concerned organization, often clubs this visa with the B-1 Visa and offers the two as a single visa called the B1/B2 Visa.

If you want, you can apply for an extension and give the processing fee for the same. The extension though is subject to approval.

If you want to apply for this Tourist Visa for USA from India, you must be successfully able to demonstrate to the concerned consular officer that you are not an intending immigrant. You can do so by proving that:

  • The purpose of your US trip is temporary.
  • You plan to remain in the country for ONLY a specific period of time and you will return at the end of your trip.
  • You have enough funds to cover your US trip.
  • You have a permanent place of abode outside the US, and also important social and economic ties that will guarantee your return back from abroad.

US B-2 Tourist Visa for Indian Tourists–Some Important Facts

  1. The approval of your Tourist Visa for USA from India is in the hands of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).
  • The visa is issued for a specific purpose and beyond that, you cannot engage in any other activity.
  • Under only specific case, you will be allowed to participate in a recreational course condition. The activity must not be credit based and its duration must not extend beyond 18 hours in a week.

What Cuts Down Your Chances?

The chances of getting a Tourist Visa for USA from India for you will nose-dive if you are between the age group of 15 to 30, are unmarried or divorced, have misplaced or lost your passport, you are a widow or a widower, have a criminal background, have submitted false information, are financially unstable, have not filed your annual income tax, and/or have frequently travelled to some specific countries.


Schengen Visa Allow Visiting Multiple Countries Possible with 1 Single Visa

If you are interested in visiting multiple countries with one single visa, apply for and get the popular and the extensively used Schengen Visa.

It is basically an approval issued by a member Schengen State that allows you to move through or a planned stay in the area of any of the Schengen States for not more than 90 days out of any 180 days duration (short stay visa); move via the global transportation areas of airports of the Schengen States (Airport Transit Visa).

Thanks to the visa, internal border controls of the member states have become a thing of the past even as there are not any or very few halts and checks. It denotes that the member states manage internal air, road and train trip as nothing but domestic trips.

As mentioned earlier, with a Schengen Visa, visiting multiple countries will be possible for you, and you can gain entry into a member nation, and travel across the Schengen zone without any restrictions whatsoever.

Visiting which multiple countries with the Schengen Visa is possible?

Well, with the visa, you may cover these 26 Schengen nations, namely, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Some FAQs Asked during the Schengen Visa Interview

While facing the interview, you could be asked some common questions. Check these to prepare, in advance, for the crucial round of interview for the prized and the much sought after visa!

  1. Which specific nations in the Schengen are you aiming to make a trip to?

  2. What is the main object of your trip?

  3. Do you have any relative or friends residing in the Schengen area?

  4. Who will take care of your expenses while you are in the Schengen Zone?

  5. Are you single or married? In case you are married, what’s the profession of your spouse? Since how long have you been wedded?

  6. Do you have any kids? If yes, how old are they and what do they do?

  7. What would be the period of time you would stay in the area?

  8. Where would you stay?

  9. What are your educational credentials?

  10. What’s the name of the firm/organization you are engaged with?

  11. Which kind of services and/or products your firm/organization offer?

Now since you have some very useful and relevant details, it’s time apply for and grab a Schengen Visa for the object of Visiting Multiple Countries, right?

Speak to your immigration consultant TODAY to find more on the subject, and get the prized and highly useful visa with ease and without any delays! If you are wondering whom to contact, you may contact Abhinav–one of the most reputed trusted and experienced name in the business!


Top Visa Options for Singapore at a Glance

Top Visa Options for Singapore at a GlanceTop Visa Options for Singapore at a Glance

To move to the City-state of Singapore, you need the right visa for Singapore along with a good immigration agent. In this blog, you will come to know about the immigration visa as an aspiring and potential immigrant to the Republic of Singapore.

Singapore is rightfully called the “Jewel of South Asia” and anyone would be willing to move to the popular destination for a better life. Those who are planning to move to the City-state, it is mandatory that you know about the different visa choices that can be availed in the first place. With the right visa for Singapore, it is easier and promising to move.

General Singapore Work Permit or Work Visa Eligibility Requirements

  1. You must have a valid passport.
  2. You must be not less than 18 years old.
  3. You can do a job only with the scope of the specific work mentioned in your work permits. Managing your own firm/venture minus the legally valid Work Permit is unlawful.

Top Visa Options

Coming back to the visa options, let’s check some of them here!

Work Visa of Singapore

As large numbers of global companies have cemented their presence in the nation, the demand for skilled workers is on the rise. To cope up with the demand, the different Singaporean companies have moved to specific visas to hire foreign talents. In the immigration process, they can ask for Permanent Residency (PR) as per the demand or part time work as well.

The Employment Pass is the visa with which you can proceed with the application as a skilled worker. You have yet another good visa option in Employment Pass. This pass is basically for the overseas professionals, executives, and managers who would take home over S$3,600 and possess legal qualifications.

In case of new graduates, the salary structure is limited. However, for experience talents, the salary structure might be on a higher trajectory. Mid skilled workers can earn up to SG$2,200. However, for skilled and experienced individuals holding executive or managerial position, they can have a different salary scale altogether.

Business Visa of Singapore

The republic is a hub for business. As it is strategically located close to India and China, even as is extremely easy and promising to conduct the business from Singapore. For the ambitious entrepreneurs and businesses, they can look forward to the EntrePass for setting up a business in the republic. For the EntrePass Visa, the aspiring immigrant must have 30% of the stake in the new business that they will start in the City-state. It is obligatory to register your business within 6 months of the movement to the region. In case, those who have not registered the business, they can apply for the EntrePass first and then register the business after the movement.

Use these visas for Singapore for best experience!



Decoding Australia PR Application Process

Australia ranks at the Number 1 position when it comes to deciding about a destination for migration. There are several gateways to grab its Permanent Residency (PR)–Subclass 189 Visa, Subclass 190 Visa, etc. To seize PR of Oz, one has to go through its point-based system. This is the initial step in the Australia PR application process. It facilitates entry to the Kangaroo Land.

The points grabbing factors include age, language proficiency, education, work experience, etc. The process of migration is a combo of online and offline activities.

Key Requirements

There are certain requirements that an applicant needs to complete.

• Assemble your documents–An applicant needs to collect all his necessary credentials before applying. This includes English language proficiency test results, skill assessment report from the relevant authority, educational documents, and the valid passport.
• Select the most suitable visa–An aspiring migrant, after collecting his documents, needs to select the most appropriate PR Visa category. Subclass 189 (Non-Sponsored Visa) Subclass 190 State Nominated Visa), Subclass 186 (Employer Nominated Visa), etc. An applicant can select the type of visa that allows him in seizing more points as it’s a point game and he should get more points for hassle-free admission into the Kangaroo Land.
• Pick an occupation from SOL–Upon successful selection of visa type, aspiring migrant needs to choose the occupation from the Skilled Occupation List (SOL). If an expat is applying through the Subclass 189 Visas, then he needs to select the occupation from the SOL, whereas if he is applying through the Subclass 190 Visa, then he should select a profession from SOL of that specific state of Down Under.
• Apply through point based system- the Australia PR application process proceeds by applying through its point based system. For this an applicant needs to submit Expression of Interest (EOI). Whereupon an expat needs to mention his details regarding age, education, work experience, language ability, etc. Under this assessment he will be assigned some points depending on the details furnished by him. He needs to score at least 60 points in order to become eligible for immigration purpose. Needless to say, that the higher point scores elevates the chances of Invitation to Apply (ITA) for a visa.
• Other important documents–Apart from age proof, work experience, and educational credentials, its health and character certificate that needs to be submitted before applying for the visa process. It is expected that the wishful migrant possesses sound health and character. He should not be involved in any kind of criminal activities. Moreover, he should be medically fit. There are many centers from where a migrant can get this certificate after complete assessment.

After assembling all the needful certificates, the candidate needs to fill online form long with visa fees. Upon the successful submission of application, he will be assigned a fixed date and time at which he needs to submit his documents at a designated place. Upon verification, he will be called for interview and cross-examined against the details submitted by him.

If you have any queries just fill inquiry form: OR alternatively, you can send your resume directly to us for assistant after checking your profile our immigration officer will contact you as soon as possible to answer your question on Permanent Residence in these countries and guide you through the process.


Best Bulgaria Investor Visa Advisers Could Unlock the Key to Europe & Beyond

For Best Bulgaria Investor Visa Advisers, you have come to the right place. Here, you will get all the inputs about business investment and why Bulgaria is best destination for investment. At the same time, you will also come to figure out about the impact of competent immigration agents for the application purpose.

The Republic of Bulgaria is in Europe which is not just any place; rather, it is a promising continent and a favorable place for business and tourism. Any investor will always plan to invest in Europe if s/he is looking for overseas avenues. Close camaraderie with Australia, US and Canada make Europe the best place for investment. You can cover the entire Europe and these overseas hotspots if you have a Bulgaria Visa.

Why Should Bulgaria Be On Your Mind for Business Investment?

The republic has been known to show a good fiscal climate. The tax regime here has been in great favor of the investors. With personal income tax of 10%, at the same time, the corporate tax also standing at 10% gives more advantage to the investors. The labor market cost has also been fairly competitive and the best for the immigrants to move in and start their livelihood in the country. You are given a lot of benefits and Bulgaria will certainly appeal to you as an investor. With the best Bulgaria Investor Visa Advisers, you should give a head-start to the republic.

How to Move Under the Investor Visa to Bulgaria?

For Bulgaria, you can easily take the investment route for the purpose of the immigration. An erstwhile investment of EUR 512,000 would be required in the first installment. You are given the option to invest either in Government Bonds of Bulgaria with 100% refund guarantee after 5 years with no interest, or you can pick any Bulgarian Company for the purpose of investment. In case, if you are taking the Bulgarian Company, you cannot withdraw the investment for two years.

If you want to speed up the application process and you want instant approval and if you have met with all the requirements, you can double the investment in this case. When you will double the investment, the concerned authorities will speed up the application process.

Whom Should You Pick for the Application?

The application should always been handled by an expert. You can manage on your own if you have exceptional control on immigration. But, if you want results, you can pick a good Immigration Agent for the service.

How Best Bulgaria Investor Visa Advisers Will Assist You!

They will aid in the following ways:

File for Application: Good immigration agent will help you with the application process. They will take documentation in their hand. At the same time they will also streamline the application process. In the application, various formalities must be done, and they will instruct you with respect to this demand.

Preparation for Visa Interview: Most of the experts might help you give simulated training model that can assist you boost your confidence and positivity. With a positive approach, you can easily gather best recognition during the interview and positive points for movement.

Write an e-mail to along with your updated CV for us to evaluate your profile and reach you to assist you with your query.


Sign-up Expert Immigration Visa Services in Delhi for Smooth Process!

Delhi, India’s capital territory, and a massive metropolitan area in the country’s north, a mark of a very rich past and a thriving present. Delhi is a city where ancient and modern blend impeccably together. From this part of the country, a large number of people wish to move overseas, and they seek and get assistance from the experts offering Immigration visa services in Delhi.

Types of Visa one may look for:
1. Tourist visa
2. Student visa
3. Business visa (Invitation Letter from the Foreign Company is mandatory)

Benefits of hiring a Visa Agent

1. Hassle-free process
2. Timely delivery of visa
3. Highly competitive pricing
4. Background verified visa agents

Immigration laws and regulations are often complex, intricate, detailed and difficult to understand. Travel visa are required to gain entry to most countries around the world. For example, one needs a visa to the US, Canada, England, Australia, and almost everywhere in the whole wide world.

There are certain countries that simply require Visa page in the current Passport to be stamped at the airport on the arrival, but in most cases, one will need to acquire a Visa before even departing from India. Regardless of the fact that one needs a visa to the UK, Canada, the US, Australia or anywhere else in the world, or whether one needs a Tourist, Business/Work, Student Visa, professional Immigration visa services in Delhi assure that he will have the proper and necessary paperwork on time so one can enjoy the trip worry-free.

Most official documents produced in India usually are not valid in other countries until they have been authenticated by the Government of India and legalized by the consulate of the desired country. The full authentication and legalization processes and also several different government agencies.

Immigration Visa services in Delhi provide authentication services to the different Indian companies, Indian citizens and foreign nationals on all documents, which include:

1. Articles of incorporation
2. Power of attorney
3. Patent application and trade marks
4. Adoption papers
5. Diplomas and transcript
6. Non-marital status
7. References ad job certifications
8. Home studies
9. Deeds of assignments
10. Distributorship agreements

The complexity of the legalization process depends on the country in which each document must be used. About 50 countries have agreed and signed the Hague Convention on Documents, which allows the abbreviated legalization process called an Apostille.

It helps one to have the document authenticated by the Ministry of External Affairs and by the Embassy of the country where the document in question will be utilised.

The normal processing time for authentication is two weeks, also rush processing is available. With expertise and assistance at every stage of one’s application, it helps in minimizing and eliminating the challenges, confusion and frustration often associated with the visa application process.

Once the professionals responsible for offering Immigration visa services in Delhi understand one’s need and requirement, they help with the best expertise and knowledge throughout the entire visa application, in a timely manner and with honesty, impartiality and integrity. The visa consultancy services ensure the highest professional standards are adhered to all times.

Most good professionals offering Immigration visa services in Delhi strongly believe that the success of the clients’ cases provides the foundation on which their reputation stands. And so they do everything possible to help and guide their clients.

If you have any single queries you can book a consultation to initiate this legal service by making a request through our firm’s just fill inquiry form: after checking your profile my counselor will contact you asap.


What Affects Time for Immigrant Visa Process in Canada?

Canada is perhaps the first country in the world to adopt the policy of multiculturalism, embracing diversity and pluralism. It is home to people from 200 ethnic origins. Here, the Immigrant Visa Process in Canada sees the visas being processed under by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Immigrant Visa Process in Canada–Step-by-Step Guide

  1. File a Petition (1-130 or 1-140)
  2. Immigrant visa processing at NVC
  3. The Interview appointment (if required)
  4. The Medical Examination
  5. The Day of interview
  6. The Visa Adjudication
  7. You receive your visa

It is to that during the entire visa application and interview process, one must be absolute truthful and give complete and accurate information. Disobeying may lead inconvenience, the process will be delayed or it may be declared illegible.

At present, there are more than 60 programmes available for immigration to Canada. Everyone’s path to Canadian immigration thus will make it unique. There are different categories for professionals and workers under which one may fit into the Permanent Resident Visa class. It includes The Federal and Quebec Skilled worker programmes, the Provincial Nominee programs, the Canadian Experience Class, the Quebec Experience Class, and the Federal self employed programme.

Ottawa also offers many Family Class Sponsorship plans, where Canadian citizens and permanent residents may sponsor some family members and loved ones for immigration.

Immigration Programmes in Canada

The IRCC has launched many immigrant-friendly immigration schemes to allow the quality immigrants in the country, with the help of the various Provinces of Canada, i.e., Express Entry, QSWP, and various PNPs. All these plans have different criteria and requirements.

Listed are the schemes:

  1. Skilled immigrants (Express Entry) program.
  2. Quebec-selected skilled workers
  3. Canadian Experience Class programme
  4. Immigration Investor Venture Capital Pilot Programme
  5. Self-employed Persons Programme
  6. Family sponsorship programme
  7. Provincial nominees programme
  8. Caregivers programme
  9. Refugees programme

Key Requirements of Canada Immigration:

  1. Language proficiency
  2. Education
  3. Health and character requirements

Process Time for Canada Immigration

The time for Immigrant Visa Process in Canada is basically the time it takes to get the procedure completed for immigration to the nation. It means the total time it takes from submitting profile to Visa approval, etc. The processing time is subject to the particular immigration plan or visa category one chooses actually.

It may be based on the below factors:

  1. Immigration Programme: It differs, based on the specific immigration scheme one applies under.
  2. Visa Application: It also depends on the fact the one whether have submitted the visa application correctly or not, as incorrect details may also delay the process of application.
  3. Documents/information: It depends on how quickly one presents the required information or documents to the authorities.
  4. LMIA Approval: Time is taken for LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) approval in case of Canadian job offer bases visas, might also effect on the process timing.

However, the processing time can be reduced if you seek and get help or support from a reliable Immigration consultancy.

So if you have any single queries you can book a consultation to initiate this legal service by making a request through our firm’s just fill inquiry form: after checking your profile my counselor will contact you asap.


Do You Know Benefits of Australian PR Visa Are Limitless?

Benefits of Australian PR – Australia is the country that provides all the benefits that one can ask for. For its robust economy and a pool of several benefits, an aspiring migrant wishes to grab its Permanent Residency (PR).

No wonder, there are many advantages that an expat enjoys once he seizes the prized and the much sought after PR status. If you are in search of a better standard of living and studying at the top universities of the world, then Oz is certainly the place for you. Move to the country to enjoy its benefits.

Apply under a visa category that best suits your particular needs and goals. The decision to migrate to this highly developed country is an important one. Chalk-out your plans in a proper way. Seek and get professional advice from the experts on the subject and then go for the kill.

Benefits of Australian PR

As mentioned before, PR in Australia gives you countless benefits. Take a look at some of the op benefits that greet you when you manage to lay your hands on the Permanent Residence Visa (PRV)!

  • Liberty of work–When you get PR of the mammoth Island Nation the very important thing you enjoy is the freedom to work. You can work in any province or take up any occupation, except armed forces and jobs in public services. These are exclusively for the residents of the country. Technically you could still be a foreigner and not a citizen, but your work rights are almost at par with the citizens of the country.
  • Liberty to travel–If you are amongst those lucky migrants who have claimed the PR of the Kangaroo Land, then you can freely travel to your home nation and go back to Down Under. You can travel within the specific time period of 5 years for which the visa is legally issued. If your visa expires then too you can stay in the country even while you cannot leave it until and unless you get a Resident Return Visa (RRV).
  • Higher education loan programmes (HELP)–There are several benefits that a migrant enjoys after obtaining the nation’s PR and the wishful migrants who want to study in the country can avail scholarships and discounts under HELP. They can look forward to getting first-rate education at some of the topmost international universities and centres of higher learning in the Kangaroo Land.
  • Eligible to apply for citizenship–The person who manages to grab the PR has full rights to submit an application for the citizenship of the Kangaroo Land. Seizing PR is the initial step towards citizenship even though it puts you on the road to citizenship.
  • Children of Australian migration enjoy ample benefits via education and health facilities–Once you get the PR, there are ample benefits that are enjoyed by the residents even as you enjoy the same healthcare and social benefits that come with the bundle of PR.
  • PR holder can sponsor their close relatives–This is another key benefits of Australian PR. The status allows you to sponsor your close relative. Moreover, the migrant sponsored also enjoys the freedom of living and working in the overseas hotspot.
  • Enjoys social security benefits–There are special benefits that are provided to families, students, unemployed, retirees, parents and disabled people. These extended advantages are seized on getting PR only.
  • Incentives enjoyed by PR holder: Loans for home at a cheap rate–Purchasing a home is not a cakewalk. The Australian Government provides an incentive for around 7,000 dollars when a migrant purchases his first home. Plus, the restrictions that are imposed by the Foreign Investment Review Board no longer apply to the PR holder as he is not considered a foreigner now.
  • Your credit score shoots up–When you get the PR status of Oz, your credit rating boost up. This places you in a highly favorable position to obtain approval for home and personal loans.