US EB-1 Visa


US EB-1 Visa

The Employment Based Permanent Residency EB1 Visa Category is essentially a US Visa for Permanent Residency and tailored for the individuals having extraordinary ability (EB1 (a)), outstanding professors and researchers (EB1 (b)), and multinational executives and managers (EB1(c)).

The said three kinds of categories are rather good employment-based choices when a common PERM labor certification procedure is neither possible nor needed. Apart from this, for the Employment Based Permanent Residency EB1, there is no need of a specific job offer.

EB1 visa eligibility

EB1A Visa

The applicant must be a distinguished and well-known personality having won excellent and tremendous acclamation at the national or global acclamation. It is also required that he must have made very noteworthy contributions in his specific area of expertise.

He must be determined to continue doing a job in the field of extraordinary ability in the US.

His work must be substantial and in the interest of the US.

As per the guidelines of EB1, “extraordinary ability” denotes that the applicant has excellent credentials and climbed the ladder to the very top of a specific domain. Usually, the EB1 petitions necessitate substantial proof even as the proof of a major one-time achievement creates eb1 visa eligibility.

EB1B Visa

The applicant must be globally recognized as being exceptional in an academic domain.

He must possess not less than 3 years of experience teaching and/or doing research in his particular academic area.

He must possess a US employment offer to do a job in either a teaching position or as a researcher.

EB1C Visa

The applicant must have been hired overseas for a period of 1 year during the preceding three years, prior to admission into the US by the parent, subsidiary, or affiliate of the US recruiter/petitioner. The body out-of-the-country and the petitioner must have common control, to be typically proved by >50% common rights.

The employment overseas must have been in either a managerial or executive capability.

The qualifying foreign entity must carry on doing business and have the mandatory qualifying association with the US petitioner when the immigrant application is duly presented.

The planned position with the US recruiter/firm must be in either a managerial or executive capability.

The US recruiter/firm must have been doing business for not less than 1 year and also possess the capability to pay the remunerations of the immigrant.

EB1 Visa Processing Times

EB1 Visa processing times are very fast if one compares these with the processing times for other Green Card Visas. In general, the processing time for the EB1 Visa is close-to 8 months. After the approval of the EB-1, it takes somewhere around 6 months to get Permanent Residence in the country. Please note that these times are only obtainable in case the Employment Based Permanent Residency EB1 category is current.

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