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Fulfill Canadian Travel Visa Requirements & Figure Its Possibilities & Wonders!

The ‘Land of Milk & Honey’ is also the ‘Land of Endless Opportunities and Possibilities’. It is also the ‘Land of Several Tourist Wonders’–both natural and man-made. Hence, it is hardly a matter of surprise that it is visited by a large number of visitors for varied reasons with many of them applying for, and after meeting the compulsory Canadian Travel Visa requirements, getting the prized visa for the purpose.

Maybe, you, too, want a visa to Canada, for making a trip to the hotspot, right? But in case you want to make a trip to the nation, first figure out if there is any need of a Visitor (Temporary Resident) Visa.

In case the reason behind your Canada trip is other than business or pleasure, submit an application for a visa in the correct class, like temporary work or study, for instance.

Prior to you apply, figure which entry particular certificate or paper you require to make a trip to the place. Is it a visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)? The entry certificates you require depends on: the kind of travel document you plan to move with; the nation that gave your travel papers; your country; and your way of trip to the Maple Leaf Country for the trip.

Canadian Travel Visa Requirements

With a view to fulfill the Canada Travel Visa Requirements, you will need to demonstrate to the immigration officials these:

You are in the possession of legally valid passport.

Your health is perfectly okay and you are in no way temporary work a threat to the nation, health wise.

You have the necessary money to pay your bills while you are in the nation. The funds you will require depend on the duration for which you will be in the country. It also depends on whether your place of stay will be a hotel, or if you stay with friends or family members.

You have a house outside Canada and additional binding links that will pull you back and certify your return home post your Canada trip. Demonstrate to the concerned immigration official that you have strong ties—such as a job, house, properties or family–that will not allow you to stay in the Maple leaf Country for long, and that you will leave it after your visa expires.

You have intentions to stay in the nation for just a specific and restricted time-frame.

You are not interested to either seek or accept a job while you are in the hotspot.

You do not have any sort of criminal background.

You do not present any kind of security risk to the country and its people. Ottawa and the IRCC do not allow the admission of those found involved in: criminal doings, human rights abuses, and organized law-breaking. You can also be prohibited for security, health or financial grounds.

You will follow the Canadian laws.

There could also be the requirement of a medical exam and letter of invitation from somebody who resides in the Maple Leaf Country.

So, these are the main requirements for Canadian Travel Visa. Follow these and land in the country of your dreams for the experience of a lifetime!


Apply for Canada Tourist Visa Online–4 Main Steps!

Apply for Canada Tourist Visa Online! The process is easy and pretty convenient. Yes, check the blog!

Niagara Falls, Banff National Park, and the Rocky Mountains, Toronto’s CN Tower. Toronto skyline with the CN Tower, Old Quebec (Vieux-Quebec), Whistler, Ottawa’s Parliament Hill, St. John’s Signal Hill National Historic Site, Old Montreal—would you love to explore and see these wonderful and world-renowned tourist spots with your own eyes? Well, if YES, visit Canada!

If you want to get a feel of the overseas hotspot, and explore its many gems, and figure what makes Canada so hot–without initially getting involved with the somewhat cumbersome and long drawn out application process for any of the primary Permanent Residence Visas (PRVs) for Canada–then apply for a Canada Tourist Visa Online.

What is a Canada Tourist Visa?

Well, it is basically an impermanent immigration option that permits the travelers to make a trip to the famed destination, for the object of sight-seeing and holiday. The Tourist Visa for Canada is offered with a maximum legal time-frame of six months.

Also known as a Visitor Visa or just Visit Visa or Canadian Temporary Resident Visa (TVR), a Canada Tourist Visa is an impermanent immigration option that allows tourists to visit the well-known destination, for the purpose of tourism and leisure.

Two kinds of Canada Tourist Visas are up-for-grabs, namely, Single Entry Visa, and Multiple Entry Visa even as the two options have a fixed validity period, and it is not possible to use them after they lose their validity.

Apply for Canada Tourist Visa Online

Canada and the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRRC) run a speedy and useful online visa application procedure, especially for those having the passport of India.

With a view to Apply for Canada Tourist Visa Online, you will have to visit the official Canada Immigration website run by the IRCC.

Apply for Canada Tourist Visa Online–4 Key Steps

Here below are the 4 main steps involved in the visa application process!  In general, it’s a rather convenient and easy procedure.

First Step: To begin with, log on to the site Visit Canada and fill in your specifics.

Second Step: Duly scan and upload each and every required document.

Fill in the petition form and digitally sign it before uploading the same.

Upload evidence of means of financial backing (either the bank statements of the preceding 4 months or the pay slips and Letter from your firm/job-provider). Continue a balance of at least 80–100 Canadian Dollars for every single day of your stay and declare the dates of your stay.

A reproduction of your passport (every page that has stamps/visas, apart from the first and the last pages).

Latest and duly updated family information form, namely, IMM5645.

An invitation letter from your host or hotel reservation, a travel plan for the length of stay. Letter of the description of your trip (it must thoroughly elucidate your aim of trip to the Maple Leaf Country, address of your stay, who would be taking care of your expenses, and leave approval from your firm/job-provider).

Digital photo complete with white backdrop.

Do not ignore any process and thoroughly follow the document checklist!

Third Step: Shell-out 100 Canadian Dollars online–the mandatory visa fees–to successfully complete the third step in the crucial Canada Tourist Visa Online process.

Your status would be duly updated on the website and also mailed across to the e-mail address shared.

Fourth Step: You would have to send your passport, for the object of stamping inside 30 days of getting the green signal via the VFS center in the city where you could be staying. In some specific cases, the need of biometrics could surface.

So, this, in short, is how you can successfully apply for the Canada Tourist Visa Online. Use the information shared to get the visa easily, and hop on to the net flight to your dream overseas destination!

Check with an experienced Canada immigration visa consultant, to figure more on the subject and a get a visa easily and speedily. Though the online process for the visa is pretty easy to navigate through, there could be certain situations where you could find yourself stuck. A skilled visa agent will help and guide you crack the Tourist Visa code easily.