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Want To Find Out How To Apply for American Tourist Visa?

The US is a geographically huge and culturally very rich nation. It is thronged by countless people round the year and from far and wide. Numerous such people apply for American Tourist Visa for the purpose.

For the tourists, there are plenty of attractive options to choose and derive pleasure from. The country is a home to some of the world’s most spectacular monuments and man-made wonders with the Statue of Liberty being just one such attraction.

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Getting the visa is not difficult provided you complete the process and submit the required documents. If were earlier an aspirant for Work Visa or Business Visa but failed to get one, no need to lose heart! Apply for this visa. It will solve your purpose to a certain extent.

For you purpose, the B-2 Visa should be a good option. The US Government offers it after clubbing it with the B-1 Visa. So basically you have to apply for B1/B2 Visa and get one, right?

The visa is issued for a temporary period and the duration could vary from six months to ten years. The period depends on the involved consulate. If you are granted a short-term visa, let’s say of six months or less, it is generally a Single Entry Visa. Long period visas are Multiple Entry Visas.

The B1/B2 is basically a non-immigrant visa and issued for a temporary visit to the country. It is perfect for visiting family, tourism, getting a medical treatment or attending a business conference/meeting. Though the requirement for the American Tourist Visa is not that hard or difficult to fulfill, these are not very simple either.

You require proving that your visit to the country will be temporary by nature and that you intend to return once your trip ends. Besides, you must also have enough funds to cover the expenses of your entire trip–right from the date you land in the overseas hotspot to the day you depart.

How to apply for American Tourist Visa?

Visit the official website of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and fill the DS-160 form electronically. Make sure the information that you provide is accurate. Once the form is submitted, it is not possible to make any changes to it. Submit the visa application along with the processing fee.

Post the submission of your visa application, take an appointment with a concerned consulate. Confirm that you successfully fulfill all the requirements, lest your visa application gets rejected.

And before you sign out, do not forget to take the print out of the barcode on the last page of the application form. You will require the same while you appear for an interview.

Can one work with the Tourist Visas?

The visa is designed exclusively for travel. It’s illegal if one works with it, and if one is found doing the same, the repercussions may be severe.