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Figure Out UK Visit Visa Online Application Process, Move Overseas Provisionally!

The UK is an amazing foreign destination and a perfect holiday spot. If you are from India and want to visit a ‘real’ foreign destination–teeming with historically and culturally rich tourist spots–then unhesitatingly apply for and get a UK Tourist Visa, also known as UK Visit Visa. If you want, you can opt for convenient and speedy UK Visit Visa Online Application option.

However, even if you choose the UK Visit Visa Online Application option to submit your application for the much sought after visa, you will have to visit the nearest UK Consulate or Embassy or the VFS Centre to present your visa application and complete other necessary formalities.

UK Visit Visa Online Application Process Step-By-Step

You will have to follow some key steps to successfully apply for the prized visa that usually comes with a validity period of six months.

Step 1

To begin with, check the UK administration website for visas and immigration in India and download the application form from there. Also, download the instruction page. Fill in the form and get all your important documents to present at the visa center assigned to you, for the object of submission of your documents and interview (if required).  To successfully complete the application procedure, you will have to book and attend an appointment at the visa application centers in India. Every UK visa candidate has to book an appointment prior to the application submission.

Step 2

Visit the application center at least 15 minutes early. Carry your appointment letter and application pack, your passport, together with a legally valid passport or travel document with not less than 1 blank page.

Please note that you will not be able to present more certificates/papers after your application has been duly presented at the visa application center. The documents that you presented at the time you made your application will be the only certificates/papers that will be examined.

Step 3

Get your fingerprints and photograph (called biometric information collection) taken at the visa application center. This comprises a digital finger scan (all 10 digits) besides a digital photograph. The finger scan procedure employs an electronic scanner and no ink, liquid or chemical is used. Confirm that your fingertips are 100% free from any forms of decoration as these could impact your capacity to proffer satisfactory finger scans. It is important that your digital photograph is captured with your whole face and minus sunglasses or colored spectacles, or head covering until and unless it is sported for either religious or medical motives. Your face should be openly observable.

After the visa filing process gets done, you will get an acknowledgment receipt. Do not lose it as you will require it later to get your documents submitted back.

So, this, in short, is the UK Visit Visa Online Application process step-by-step. Use the information shared here to get the visa and move to the famed hotspot to have a very good time, though only for a brief period, right?