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Apply for Permanent Resident in Canada

Who would not want to become a Permanent Resident in Canada? Millions of people harbor a near eternal dream of making it successfully to this awesome location. Over 200, 000 people fired by an inspiration to gain possession of nationality, through process of naturalization, enter this awesome location every year.

There are several immigration programs that one can use to gain a Permanent Resident in Canada. Some of the prominent pathways include:

• Family reunification;
• Am employment offer from a Canadian company;
• Skill sets and professional experience in great demand;
• An intent of investing with a Canadian bank;
• A plan to establish a new or invest in a commercial organization;
• A profession which an individual promises to practice as a self-employed.

All of the above stated categories, except family reunification program, require the applicants to procure a formal invite from either the federal, provincial government, or the government of Quebec to apply for the permanent residency of the country. This process commonly starts with the applicants making a formal request through an electronic platform – Express Entry or a platform controlled by a state government of province for which the applicant is moving his or her request, of through a paper based process.

The processing of the application can take some time even though recently the tenure of screen process of applications has been shortened quite a bit. But, the conditions attached to the profile and the program through which the application has been moved depends on the policy framework of the scheme.

It is generally believed the requests being routed through the provincial sponsorship schemes – the PNPs, are processed on priority, and perhaps, as per the experience this fact has been proven in several cases where the aspirants have been able to home in on their PR Visa within a short span of time.

Once the approval for the visa for an indefinite permanent resident in Canada has been obtained, the applicants are advised to go ahead with the medical tests. Post medical check-up the Canadian consulate in the area of the applicants requests for submission of the passport for PR stamping.

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Business Investor PR Visa for Canada & Quebec

Canada, the Land of Rising Opportunities, is a favorite immigration destination of immigrants across the globe. Reason: immigrants love its immigrant-friendly policies, open environment, lifestyle, and strong economy. Wishful migrants can easily enter the country using one of the many available pathways. Those motivated to migrate to Canada can use the Investor PR Visa Path. Quebec Business Immigration/Investor Stream is one very good option up-for-grabs. As a foreign investor, you must intend to make an investment in the province for a fixed period of five years and must agree to settle here permanently.

Quebec Business Immigration/Investor Stream

Besides other requirements, the primary requirement is to make an investment of 800,000 Canadian Dollars, either by financing an investment or through an authorized financial intermediary. The amount will be reimbursed, post the maturity period, though at zero interest rate.

The Quebec Government has set a cap of 1,900 applications to be accepted during the upcoming cycle and applications will be accepted from May 20 2016 to February 28 2017.

Lucky are those investors who possess good knowledge of French as they are exempted from the cap and they may submit their application till March 31, 2017. Such candidates will be given priority.

Major Advantages

The Quebec Business Immigration/Investor Stream which offers an Investor PR visa Canada comes with several advantages and some of them are as follow:

  • Investment at zero risk: Quebec Government guarantees the investment and returns the complete amount, post the maturity period.
  • Covers the complete family: Along with the primary applicant, his/her family, i.e., spouse and dependent children, are also granted the Permanent Residence (PR) visa.
  • They enjoy the national benefits as permanent residents: They enjoy the similar benefits enjoyed by the Permanent Residents in the rest of the country, such as free public education, access to world class education system, healthcare system, etc.


Eligibility criteria Primary requirements
Minimum net worth required Legally acquired a minimum net worth of 1.6 Million Canadian Dollar, acquired either individually or jointly with the spouse or common law partner.
Experience – Business or Management At a management level a minimum of two years experience is required out of the last five years or management experience either in a government or international organization.  The company must have at least two full time employees though the venture does not really have to be profitable.
Required investment Intend to make n investment of at least 800,000 Canadian Dollars.
Other requirements Thorough background check and clean health certificate
Exploratory Visit Not mandatory but recommended
Required business plan None
Express of Interest Required No
Permit Permanent Residency soon after the candidate receives a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ)


Investor PR visa for a country like Canada is a good option and the French province is independent off the rest of the country, especially when it comes to picking migrants as permanent residents. Quebec is self-sufficient as well and so it has little or no Federal Government interference.