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How to apply for Canada PR from India

Waiting to the opportunity to Apply for Canada PR? This is as per me the right time to go ahead with the plans of moving west into this one of the most lucrative destinations of all. Looking at the trends, I can safely put it that if you move your application today, you could probably get a chance to fly to this destination within a year, regardless of your occupation.

Canadian immigration system is quite unique in a way that the program – the Express Entry federal skilled category – sans the limitations of typical choice of occupations imposed by a pre-defined trade tabulation. If you are qualified – have correct education and exposure, have appropriate language compatibility, are within the specified age group, you would make it easily to the selection band.

The current trades for Canada PR system

The current score returned by the May 31, 2017 selection round was 413, just out of the world as many would say. This has raised the stakes and the hopes of the people who had been waiting eternally for a chance to get into the fray positively.

Those dreams seem to have taken wings, and are flying high. The applicants seem to be getting into a high. But, this is only a part of the story, the federal side of the endeavor; people are yet to fully unravel the potential of the PNPs, where the race seems to be getting intense.

More and more provinces are opening their doors to the new immigrants, and with a must lighter eligibility parameter framework. Despite being limited by a specific trade tabulation these schemes offer a much easier and faster way to Immigrate to Canada using the skilled immigration set-up.

The state government backed schemes, in their independent and EE linked manifestations, have caught an eye of the interested applicants. Well, to be frank, this is just the start as many more is about to come, but the problem is that the early birds would get all the goodies, and the ones failing to take a call quickly would be lost in the crowd.

So, if you wish to avail a good opportunity to earn immigration to this awesome location, the best chance is now and not later. Get yourself a good expert advice by filling up the free assessment form today.


Permanent Resident Canada through PNPs

Canadian immigration has been undergoing a revelation since the start of this year, in fact November 2016. 2017 has seen a spike in number of people receiving invites for the next round of visa processing , and many of them have been offered a chance to become a Permanent Resident Canada through PNPs.

This may come in as a surprise to many people since before November 2016, a mere 13% people used to receive advice from the interested provinces to move ahead with next set of requests; the number of advisories being issued has risen to a whopping 25% of all the ITAs or NOIs – similar to ITAs.

The Rising Importance of PNPs in Canada Immigration Permanent Resident 

Since last quarter of 2016, a surprising trend has been observed in the Maple Leaf country, where the federal government expressed more faith on the Provincial Schemes of Immigration. This has paved way for a higher allocation in terms of slots for PR visa for aliens.

The new introductions have been path breaking and a welcoming change; this has really encouraged many Canadian states to come up with more expansive provincial nomination schemes.

Now several occupations have been exempted from LMIA’s requirement – the biggest factor that deterred employers from hiring overseas workers, which has come in a much awaited relief for both the employers, as well as the immigrants; and the states are now allowed to select applicants both from their Express Entry linked schemes, as well from their independent initiatives, etc.

The Province backed Provincial Nomination Programs in 2017

The first half of 2017 saw many states waking up from the deep slumber, with British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Saskatchewan launching their local and EE initiatives.

Saskatchewan opened up the doors to requests from probable entrants twice this year, and as anticipated, it was well received by the interested people. This edition of program closed quickly with slotted 600 requests being lodged instantly.

Similarly, Nova Scotia also opened up its portal for the receipt of the requests though it has been suspended due to some technical issues, and is expected to reopen soon. Ontario with its two schemes is expected to become regular, which in the past used to be quite irregular and unpredictable. On the closing note, BC also selected over 125 applicants for Permanent Resident visa.

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Business Investor PR Visa for Canada & Quebec

Canada, the Land of Rising Opportunities, is a favorite immigration destination of immigrants across the globe. Reason: immigrants love its immigrant-friendly policies, open environment, lifestyle, and strong economy. Wishful migrants can easily enter the country using one of the many available pathways. Those motivated to migrate to Canada can use the Investor PR Visa Path. Quebec Business Immigration/Investor Stream is one very good option up-for-grabs. As a foreign investor, you must intend to make an investment in the province for a fixed period of five years and must agree to settle here permanently.

Quebec Business Immigration/Investor Stream

Besides other requirements, the primary requirement is to make an investment of 800,000 Canadian Dollars, either by financing an investment or through an authorized financial intermediary. The amount will be reimbursed, post the maturity period, though at zero interest rate.

The Quebec Government has set a cap of 1,900 applications to be accepted during the upcoming cycle and applications will be accepted from May 20 2016 to February 28 2017.

Lucky are those investors who possess good knowledge of French as they are exempted from the cap and they may submit their application till March 31, 2017. Such candidates will be given priority.

Major Advantages

The Quebec Business Immigration/Investor Stream which offers an Investor PR visa Canada comes with several advantages and some of them are as follow:

  • Investment at zero risk: Quebec Government guarantees the investment and returns the complete amount, post the maturity period.
  • Covers the complete family: Along with the primary applicant, his/her family, i.e., spouse and dependent children, are also granted the Permanent Residence (PR) visa.
  • They enjoy the national benefits as permanent residents: They enjoy the similar benefits enjoyed by the Permanent Residents in the rest of the country, such as free public education, access to world class education system, healthcare system, etc.


Eligibility criteria Primary requirements
Minimum net worth required Legally acquired a minimum net worth of 1.6 Million Canadian Dollar, acquired either individually or jointly with the spouse or common law partner.
Experience – Business or Management At a management level a minimum of two years experience is required out of the last five years or management experience either in a government or international organization.  The company must have at least two full time employees though the venture does not really have to be profitable.
Required investment Intend to make n investment of at least 800,000 Canadian Dollars.
Other requirements Thorough background check and clean health certificate
Exploratory Visit Not mandatory but recommended
Required business plan None
Express of Interest Required No
Permit Permanent Residency soon after the candidate receives a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ)


Investor PR visa for a country like Canada is a good option and the French province is independent off the rest of the country, especially when it comes to picking migrants as permanent residents. Quebec is self-sufficient as well and so it has little or no Federal Government interference.


How to Get PR in Canada from India

The very question that often pops up when you think about immigrate to an elite nation that has a robust economy, natural virgin beauty, prolific westernized lifestyle – that is liberal enough to challenge your senses, “How to Get PR in Canada from India”. Like every quest has a destination, there is a potential way, or rather ways to gain this status.

Ways to Get PR in Canada

A quite simple and straightforward way of getting this status is through the skills immigration even though it does make a difference from where are you trying to get it. Canada’s residency for an indefinite tenure can be applied for and obtained in enumerated ways:

• On-shore applicants: individuals already residing temporarily in the country on basis of either student or work visa;
• Off-shore applicants: individuals applying from outside the borders.

On-shore Applicants for residence permit for an indefinite period

There is a slight difference between both by way of patterns and processes since the former – individuals already in the Maple leaf country – enjoys a slight advantage over the ones residing out of the country. These people have a better view and observation of the Canadian conditions and surroundings, and they can easily prove that they have been making contributions to the society and economy by buying goods; using services and utilities; and paying taxes to the government.

These people can file their requests under any of the available programs easily since they are already at a vantage point and are in a position to observe close. These people must, however, prove that they have worked in the country for a stipulated period before they can apply for PR in Canada. Such individuals seek admission into the Canada Permanent Resident pool through the CEC.

Off-shore applications for Canadian Permanent Residency visa

But, this does not anyhow mean that applicants applying for the PR in Canada are at a loss since they must pass through the embassy consular visa process. This fact is upheld truly by the figures emanating from CIC: every year, millions of immigrants land in the country, and majority of these are the ones who have never been to country before.

These people have a whole range of permanent visa available to their access. One simply needs to be prudent while choosing the kind of program that would suit their profiles; from the pool of federal, provincial and Quebec schemes.

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Get step by step information about Express Entry Program

Well, so far you have heard about adroit traders making their mark in the land of Canada. Just hold on, you can also grow your business out there! But for that you will have to keep an eye on the Canada Express Entry Program.

  • Check out your eligibility

Indeed, this is the first step that you should follow. You need to assure that you are eligible in any of these three programmes, such as the Federal Skilled Trades Programme, Federal Skilled Worker Programme, and Canadian Experience Class. But just remember the requirement is different for each of these categories.

  • Appear for language exam

At the most you need to be bang on the score, which is CLB 7. For those climbing to the maximum of CLB 10 are considered the top candidates.

  • Qualify in the educational credential assessment:

Next, you need to re-assess educational qualifications, according to the rules set out in the educational credential assessment.

  • Brief on the national occupation classification about Canada Express Entry Program

Now according to the said rules of the National Occupation Classification (NOC), Ottawa verifies the type of job assigned to the person and his job role. Depending on that, the government prepares a job classification list.

  • Have your profile

Once you qualify all the above steps, just be prepared to create your own profile.

  • Do your registration:

Once you are done with the Express Entry profile, it is time to register for your work.

  • Get the score

Well the above said steps carry marks in their own way. You need to remember that age, education, experience in work, and skills of language are the various scores determining factors.

  • Competition with others

Now you will have to compete with many other candidates to prove your best.

Remember: the above mentioned are the Canada Express Entry Program that you need to follow minutely.


Immigration Process for Canada

Immigration Process for Canada typically starts with you arranging a meeting with an expert who would give you some specialist insight about the possibilities of migrating to this country in light of the applicable laws of visa.

Every year, millions of the enthusiasts join the fray to attempt entering the shores of Maple Leaf country. There are primarily two ways that you can try too: family class and economic class. Well, I am not sure about you making it through family class, for you would need to have some relatives or family members in areas that offer nomination schemes, but you can surely try migrating through economic class.

The economic class migrants, skilled and business class applicants need to have certain mandatory qualifications to be deemed eligible for immigrating. The business class applicants must satisfy certain conditions related to funds and business experience; the skilled applicants must fulfill certain stipulations prescribed under the Canada visa program for skilled workers.

To start the Process of immigrating to the Canadian shores, you must actually evidence your linguistic abilities in either of official languages of the country: English or French. To substantiate this, the applicants must write an approved language examination and score stipulated marks. You must also obtain a credential assessment report – that would be based on your education – from a designated Canadian agency.

Once both these steps have been successfully negotiated, the application Immigration Process for Canada can start. Under the current format, you can place your request for either the federal – independent – visa, or for PNP – sponsorship – visa.

The applications are placed through online portal now: since 2015 system of accepting paper applications have been nearly discarded – though some states may still accept paper based requests. The requests are placed on an electronic platform – Express Entry, or PNP driven platform.

The submission of your application on the online platform puts you effectively in fray for the Canada Permanent Resident Visa. Your selection would greatly depend on the marks scored by your profile – incase of federal selection system, or on the nomination issued in your favored by a government of the province for which you have lodged your request.

On crossing the first stage, be assured that your application would be expedited quickly – under the present conditions, people have received permits within six months of being selected.

So what are you waiting for, hurry up! And, get a free assessment by filling up the free assessment form.


How to Immigrants in Canada from India

It is truly put that Canada is a nation of migrants since the number of new entrants from other countries is rising year on year. It is expected that by 2036, the population of Immigrants in Canada would reach almost 49%.

Immigrants in Canada can be broadly categorized into four classifications: family, economic, humanitarian and refugees. Of these, migrants entering on the basis of economic activity form the largest group. Every year, authorities send out over 300000 invites for second stage of application processing under different categories.

The target for 2016 for economic Canada skilled and business immigration was around 160,000, of which almost all requests were accepted and final stages of visa processing were initiated. In the current year program: in 2017, the authorities plan to increase number of acceptance of requests from business and skilled migrants. As per projections, the numbers in 2017 are expected to shoot above 170,000 that would be at least 7% more than what was targeted last year.

The inflow of migrants entering Canadian borders are expected to be channelized into different programs being offered in federal and provincial nomination schemes. Although some of these schemes would be linked to the Express Entry, FSW and PNPs, many others are going to be offered directly through state backed independent PNPs.

The focus of the Canadian authorities currently is to ensure an even distribution of new entrants in different parts of the country. To see this through, federal and state governments are investing heavily in those regions which till now have not been able to derive any tangible benefits of economic immigration.

The provisions of the updated immigration policy clearly indicate that the authorities of the Maple leaf country are intending to persuade new entrants to settle down in areas away from highly urbanized centers like Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, etc. Currently, 9 out of every 10 immigrants are located in these cities.

The future movement of migrants in Canada is expected to rise in states that have until now remained untouched by immigration. Remember, the current year allocation of applications to be accepted through PNPs stand at 59000.

The future of applicants willing to settle down in areas away from the current destinations of migrants seems to be bright.

If you too are interested in moving through this or any channel to Canada, just fill up the free assessment form.


Investment Program Yukon – Get Professional Assistance

What does an investor think of when they plan to make an investment in a foreign country? Perhaps, it’s the thriving economy, investment friendly atmosphere, strong manpower, profitable return on their investments, political stability and so on. It’s no surprise that the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’, Canada, offers all this and much more with the help of Investment Program Yukon. What is more surprising is that the nation’s one of the smallest territories has fast emerged as the most promising investment destination for the foreign investors in the country.

Yes, you guessed it right; here, we are talking about the Yukon—the sparsely populated Canadian territory that’s located in the nation’s northwest region! The territory sits between the Arctic Ocean and British Columbia (BC), with Northwest Territories towards the east, and Alaska towards the west.

Investment Program Yukon

If you wish to invest in the crime-free territory, then you will have to apply for the Investor Visa using the Yukon Business Nominee Program (YBNP). Yukon has a thriving economy largely dependent on mining, manufacturing, fishing, mixed farming and tourism.

Yukon Business Nominee Program

The scheme is an outcome of a mutual agreement between the Federal Government and the Government of Yukon. The objective of the scheme is to target applicants with the proven business skills and capital to manage and operate a venture in the territory, and through the venture contribute towards the territory’s economic development.

Since too long, the Yukon Government is committed to draw applicants with entrepreneurial skills. The ideal candidate is one who can enthusiastically participate towards the development of its business community and help diversify its economy further. To make himself a pretty strong contender, the applicant must show strong commitment to take an active managerial role while operating a business in the region.

If the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the apex visa & immigration body running the affairs for the country, finds an applicant strong, he will be nominated, and will receive a two years permit with an open opportunity to establish their business, and family in Yukon.

While the two years tenure comes to an end, the applicant’s performance will be judged by the Yukon Government, and if it is found that the applicant has successfully met the eligibility criteria, he will be given support and a referred to the IRCC for the cherished Permanent Residency (PR).

Investment Program Yukon — Eligibility Conditions

Among others, an applicant is expected to:

1) Score minimum score of 64 points on the Nominee Assessment Grid.
2) Submit a language score level i.e. 6 for International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or level 4 for th Test D’Evaluation De Francais (TEF),
3) Have three years of entrepreneurial or business management experience.
4) Possess not less than five years of business experience related to the business in question.
5) Have a personal net worth of 500,000 Canadian Dollars, obtained through legal means and duly verified by the territory accounting firm.
6) Possess at least 300,000 Canadian Dollars, in liquid assets, duly verified by the territory accounting firm, and earned legally.
7) Submit a detailed business proposal.
8) Furnish evidence that the claimed net worth and liquid assets have been received via authorized means.
9) Present a Resettlement Plan establishing their determination to start residency in the territory.
10) Intend to permanently settle here.

Business Plan

Investment Program Yukon Government accepts the business plan once the applicant meets the principle eligibility condition of the proposed venture. The proposal must include a detailed outline, how the applicant plans to successfully establish a proposed venture in one of the sectors listed on the Strategic Sector List.

Yukon Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) Petition–Why Get Professional Help?

The processes for submitting an application for a Yukon PNP could appear rather uncomplicated, and, no wonder, some candidates apply minus seeking any assistance and guidance from an immigration attorney or consultant, believing that they may easily do it themselves.

For the Yukon PNPs, there is a greater danger of rejection in cases where the application is not appropriately prepared. The standards are exceedingly high.

The documentation and procedures involved in successfully getting a PNP are pretty complex and frequently necessitate legal proficiency.

So, seek and get help and guidance from experienced immigration attorneys or consultants. They will be able to evaluate your case and advise a strategy to best serve your specific requirements.


Immigration to Nova Scotia, Canada-What Visa Categories Are Available?

Canada has 10 provinces and Nova Scotia is one of it. It is the second smallest Canadian province. It is also the second densely populated province and dotted with numerous estuaries and bays. Immigration to Nova Scotia has its own unique advantages. Nova Scotia is a major crowd puller because of its fossil-bearing rock formation that attracts scientists and paleontologists from across the globe to come to the place and explore its exclusive assets. The province is also famous the world over for its coastal beauty and mouth-watering delights.

Immigration to Nova Scotia, Canada–Visa Options

Try out any of these pathways for the object!

Nova Scotia Nominee Programme

To help the applicants in realizing their wish of moving to the country, immigration to Nova Scotia could be the right pathway. The Express Entry that was started in January 2015 has helped countless qualified and trained migrants to cross the borders and meet the requirements of the employers in the province.

The entire immigration process is managed by the federal and province governments where the former selects candidates for the province and then the province selects them for the Canadian Permanent Residency (PR). The aspirants who possess enough skill to meet the needs of employers are nominated for the immigration purpose through the Skilled Nomination Programme.

The NSNP invites applications under the following categories:

  • Nova Scotia Demand: Express entry- Express Entry 2015 is being used for selecting the applicants under this widely used category. The scheme is meant for the highly skilled aspirants who possess higher education and work experience. Their ability to settle in the province add-on to their chances of immigration to it. The demand of skilled employees is met through this stream.
  • Nova Scotia Experience: The applicants who are able to work successfully under a Nova Scotia employer, for a period of 1 year, are eligible for Permanent Residency (PR). Like other provinces’ intake, Nova Scotia also looks forward to the Federal Government to meet its skill shortage. The immigration process is made easier through the Federal Government’s express entry that opens numerous gateways for the talented people and they hence enjoy hassle-free immigration. The applicants who are able to make an addition to the economy get green signal for entry to Nova Scotia. Through this scheme good international employees are attracted and retained in the province.
  • Skilled Worker Stream: The aspirants who manage to get the nomination from the Nova Scotia employers can cross the borders through this pathway. Those who are skilled, semi-skilled and low skilled are eligible under this specific stream to apply.
  • Entrepreneur: Under this stream, the individuals those who wish to acquire a business or start a venture in Nova Scotia can take this pathway. Moreover, they should have plans to permanently settle in the province. It is mandatory that they actively take part in the day-to-day management of the firm/venture. In the wake of operating the firm/venture for a period of 1 year, the entrepreneur could get nomination for the prized Permanent Resident standing. Application to the specific class is strictly by invitation only. The candidate must possess a net worth of a minimum of 600,000 Canadian Dollars and also be in a position to make an investment of not less than 150,000 Canadian Dollars of his own money to set-up a firm/venture in the province.
  • International Graduate Entrepreneur Category: This stream is meant for all those graduates who have completed their higher studies from a recognized Nova Scotia University or Nova Scotia community college. Secondly, they should have managed their business in the province for a period of at least 1 year. Plus, they are expected to migrate on the condition that they will settle in the Nova Scotia permanently. The aspirants must have successfully completed a degree or diploma, post not less than 2 academic years of full-time, in-person study at a Nova Scotia university or Nova Scotia Community College. It is also mandatory that they have a legal post-graduation Work Permit. In case they plan to settle in the province, the graduate could be given nomination for the Permanent Resident position. Like the Entrepreneur Category, application to this class is strictly by invitation only.

Immigration to Canada made Way Easier

Imagine standing on the verge of being revealed something that has the potential to change your life. How would you feel if you came to know that Immigration to Canada shores has become a tad easy job now? I guess, if it were me, I would surely want to kick start the process as early as possible.

Collect all the necessary documents, complete all formalities, and embark onto the journey of lifetime that would ultimately end on the destination that I have been dreaming of. It has been a while since so many pleasant news have flown in a single file from the western shores that it had become way easier to get Immigration to Canada.

The newly improved Canadian visa system has it all; what you can easily term as exciting. No more remorse and uncertainty of waiting endlessly for an ITA after lodging an EOI in the Express System and getting paranoid after each draw indicated at the ever higher rising selection mark.

With the new policy, that empowers Canadian states to invite more and more people in specific and broader categories for immigration, well entrenched, it is bound to offer a much required pleasure to the people waiting on the other side of the visa counter.

But the box of the goodies does not simply empty itself here, there is another surprise that you may be in for, in this new set up, is the speeding up of the processing system. There have been satisfying reactions from the applicants all over the world that indicate that the applications for permanent resident visa have been duly responded to by the government quite promptly.

With more good news expected throughout the 2017, it would be really complacency on your end not Applying for Canada Immigration. Buckle up and get ready for a ride that eventually ends in fetching your much desired permanent residential status to this awesome location, just north of the USA.

There wouldn’t be anything to stop you from flying out west to your land of desires provided you make a fast move. Hurry up! And fill up the enquiry form and see your dreams get wings of reality.