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How to Find Best Immigration Consultants in Delhi for Canada?

For successful and hassle-free Canada immigration, it is important that you engage ONLY the Best Immigration Consultants in Delhi for Canada. This may not though be an easy job considering nowadays nearly every service provider in the business claims that it is the finest player in the market with the most impressive track-record and credentials. But does that mean you cannot locate the genuine service providers who are really the Best Canada Immigration Consultants?

Top 3 Traits

You can find the Best Consultants for Canada provided you do some research and keep these 3 important traits in mind.

  1. Registration

For example, while you are in the process of finalizing and taking a decision, find out if the service provider is a registered entity. Does it have the authority from the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), to offer professional services for Canada immigration? If it has it, it means it is a reasonably trustworthy and competent organization, and you can trust on it, to a certain extent.

  1. Specialization

Apart from checking the registration of a service provider, also find out if it has specialized Canada immigration experts. Actually, many immigration consultancies are known to have just a couple of consultants who offer consultancies for all overseas destinations, and for all visa classes. They are basically common immigration consultants with no specialized expertise or knowledge. They use their little knowledge and expertise for all kinds of visas and destinations. And, frankly speaking, this does not help.

For example, if you want an Investor Visa, you require the services of visa agent who has the necessary expertise and knowledge in handling the Investor Visa cases. Similarly, if you want a Skilled Worker Visa, you require engaging an advisor who has the required knowledge and skills in handling Skilled Worker Visa cases. If you draft any regular immigration agent, he may not be able to do the job for you, in a proper way, and in fact, compromise your chances of Canada immigration.

  1. Track-record and Success Rate

Apart from keeping these two points in mind–registration and specialization–also check the track-record and success rate of the service provider you could be planning to engage. If the concerned consultancy has a reasonably good success record, and it has successfully helped and guided many people migrate to Canada with ease, then you may proceed further and hire it.

To figure how good a service provider is and how genuine his claims of helping candidates move with ease and success are, try contacting those who may have used its services earlier. They will guide you in the best possible manner on the subject, and help you take a mature decision.

Follow the advice shared and you will be able to find the Best Immigration Consultants in Delhi for Canada.