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Canada PR from India–Are You Enthused?

Canada PR from India — Since long, Canada has enjoyed widespread popularity as a global hotspot. The Indian immigrants especially love this destination and prefer to move to it. A large number of immigrants are already settled in the country and equal number wishes to do so, rightfully so.

Ottawa and New Delhi share good, friendly relationship and started with only a handful of immigrants moving to Canada today has turned out to be a success story of 100s and 1000s immigrants. In fact, today the Maple Leaf Country has become the highest receiver of the Indian immigrants. Ask about the overseas hotspot any second family in Punjab who has send a member to and the name Canada will come out at once.

It’s the country’s Permanent Visa that attracts the Indian immigrants the most. An opportunity to settle in the North American Country and get several social and economic benefits is hard to resist.

After all, who does not want to get first-rate medical and educational facilities? Who does not want to live in one of the most developed societies? Who does not want to acquire excellent government support and subsidy? Who does not want to live in a country where law & order is wonderful and rates of crime very low? Who does not want to earn very well and shine on the global map?

Canada PR from India–A Popular Choice

Yes, it’s a fact that the destination is a highly popular immigration hotspot for the Indian immigrants, for several key reasons. People from India also give preference to the Maple Leaf Country when it comes to applying for Permanent Residence (PR) Visa. It has all the popular ingredients that easily magnetize the Indian immigrants, especially the skilled workers and students.

In terms or area, Canada is huge, with relatively low population even as its economy is one of the fastest and strongest in the whole world. Plus, the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the body managing visa and immigration affairs for the nation, runs several easy-to-follow Canada PR Visa options. For almost every specific class of people, there is a separate visa and immigration category.

If you are an Indian citizen and wish to immigrate to the Maple Leaf Country, then the year old Express Entry will be not only an easy option for you but also one of the fastest ways for you to successfully acquire the PR Visa of your dream destination.

The system has been introduced to manage the PR Visa applications submitted under the various economic programmes up-for-grabs. If you enter the Canada Express Entry Pool and successfully manage to score the qualifying marks, under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), you will automatically become eligible to receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

Applicants are selected through frequent draws, and every time the CRS score varies depending upon the personal attributes of the participating applicants. As of now, the IRCC has still not announced the closure deadline or the limitation of the number of applications to be accepted.

Economic Programmes under Express Entry

  • Federal Skilled Worker Programme,
  • Federal Skilled Trades Programme,
  • Canadian Experience Class, and
  • A portion of Provincial Nominee Programme

With the introduction of Express Entry, the old norm of the first come, first serve has been done away with, and one has received the fastest immigration system ever introduced in the history of Canada immigration, where the processing time has been fixed to just six months.

Immigrate to the Maple Leaf Country

As one can see, ‘Immigrate to Canada’ is a popular concept for the Indian immigrants. The success of your PR Visa application will largely depend on the proper completation of your visa application and the related formalities. Thus, it is of utter most importance that you take the guidance of an experienced and highly trusted immigration specialist. Before you start processing your visa application, speak to a couple of Indian immigrants and check the ground realities with them.


How to Apply Canada Permanent Resident Visa

Canadian immigration has undergone a sea-change since November 2016. More than that, the turn of the new year brought about new hopes for the people waiting to Apply for Canada Permanent Resident. The things seem to have improved further with every passing month, and with further improvements incorporated in the month of May and June, 2017, have made it easier for the applicants to place their requests.

The previous 2 short-listing rounds ended with a score of 443 and 441 marks, that saw over 6200 profiles, in total, being selected. The one that ended on august 09, 2017 closed at 433 marks that returned a figure of 2991 ITAs.

The selected applicants would be given 90 days to respond with their second set of requests with all necessary supporting documents for the final phase of processing of the Canada Permanent Resident requests.

The recent spur in selections has till now fetched over 64000 invites for the next round – the penultimate round in the Canada Permanent Resident application procedure. You would be quite surprised at the way the things are proceeding in the corridors of Canada immigration authorities. There seems to be a sense of urgency and commitment to some tangible objectives.

What used to be a far-fetched dream only a year ago now seems to be well within the sight, and people have seen their dreams coming true. All of a sudden the sullen feelings have given way to the enthusiasm and the immigration enthusiasts are back on the track vying for a place in the sun.

The Canadian immigration has once again proved that it is truly a phenomena that can get the things going, the moment it is launched in a new avatar. People with almost impossible to get a pass profiles find ITAs in their mailbox.

Post Graduates, Graduates; highly skilled and experienced; and the ones having benefits of age, seem to have been placed on the leveled playing fields all of sudden.

What is expected further on?

Let us be optimistic about further developments in the Canadian visa scenario. Although in the last two months, the number of short-listing rounds tended to be quite low since the authorities were busy fixing up the things, the rest of the year is expected to see a lot of activity.

People have been wondering how far the selection points would dip. Well, I would keep my fingers crossed on this issue and expect that looking at the trends, the scores may once again go down to near 400, but that is only a happy speculation, but it surely could be true.

If you have been wondering how to start with the Canada immigration Process, fill up the free assessment form today itself.


How to apply for Canada Immigration from India

Many may be wondering, what has happened to Canadian skilled visa system, the tumbling scores at selection rounds and rising number of selections. Is it due to the reduced popularity of the migration system of this country? Absolutely no, instead, Canada Immigration from India and other parts of the world has become a tad easy task due to large scale rationalization and overhauling of the visa laws, carried out by the new Canadian government.

Post November 2017, the things have largely changed in Canada since the government has implemented new laws to govern and guide the process of selection of the applicants. You would be surprised to know that since the incorporation of Express Entry barely 60,000 applicants had been selected for the next round.

The large-scale changes in Canada Immigration process

But, since then, November 2016 to be precise, the things have undergone an exhaustive transformation. It is no surprise that since January 2017 itself, a total of 478776 applications – that far outnumber the numbers selected in 2016 – have been graduated to the final stage of process that would fetch the applicants a permanent visa on the culmination of final assessment.

In the recently concluded draw on May 31, 2017, the Canada authorities pitched the short-listing mark at 413, the lowest till now. This resulted in 3877 requests being escalated to the next stage of screening. The tally on this round was the second highest since January.

Not only this, just five days ahead of this round, authorities also selected profiles for FSTP scheme; selection points for this category were pitched at 199. There was a lot of good news for the people moving in through PNPs – linked to Canada Express Entry – had too a reason to rejoice with authorities clearing way for selection of applications having a score of 725 or above.

The rosy story is set to continue with more changes in the pipeline. The Canadian government intends to make more ground breaking alterations in the set-up; the changes are expected any time next week. By all standards, Canadian immigration is going to through a period of revelation.

Now whether you are able to derive any tangible benefit from this depends on you. Your quick move could help you grab a place in the race to the permanent residency of this country, so gear up and fill u the free assessment form today.


Expert Advice for Quebec Skilled Worker Program Interview

If you want to move to extensively visited overseas destination of Canada as a skilled worker, and wish to use the popular and the widely used Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) path for the said object, you need to know that the concerned immigration officer, who will the crucial interview, will check your flexibility, or otherwise, in the following crucial areas. So, be well prepared and go for the kill, if you are really serious about your overseas dreams!

General Knowledge of Quebec: This incorporates information about the geography, history, society, culture, and the qualities and laws of the scheme. It is essential to study the majority of the information made available to candidates about these topics.

How well the competitor has planned their immigration?

This can incorporate things, for example, having decent working information of the available job market in the region. Understanding how the candidate’s ability set fits into the work drive is likewise a vital consideration. The candidate must have some information about the living costs required in the province, and how they expect to budget for these costs. Candidates may likewise be inquired as to whether they have an option plan in the event that their original plan for living arrangements does not work out.

Language will likewise be assessed at the time of the interview

For the candidates French is the essential language, albeit English is additionally imperative. You should submit proof that you finished a language test in French or English or both, issued by an institutionalized third-party institution.

Consequently, the better your language aptitudes are in the French the language he higher the points you will get for this segment. It is imperative that once a candidate reaches a level of ability in French they work to look after it. Likewise, with most aptitudes if you don’t utilize them, you lose them.

Another progression in the interview procedure is the looking into of all the documentation that was submitted with the application. At the interview you will be required to have all the original documents that you utilized for the application, including documents in regards to education, work abilities or training, proof you have done research about the region and the job market. These could similarly incorporate proof that you have adequate assets to set yourself up and maintain self in Quebec while looking for work.

Proof of higher education, or licenses required to work in a few fields may likewise be required. Aptitudes, for example, engineering or medical related fields, may require that the candidate apply for licenses in Quebec and in their nation of origin. Sometimes it might be possible to start the application for licensing before the application is formally acknowledged.

Get in touch with a qualified immigration & visa specialist to get a better idea on the subject!


Use Express Entry System to Migrate to Canada

A large number of the skilled migrants from around the world migrate to Canada through Express Entry System every year, to enjoy the numerous opportunities offered there in, for prosperity and an overall friendly environment. People from far and wide, from Indonesia to Iran, from India to Ireland move (or wish to do so) to the destination.

If you, too, are planning to migrate to the extensively visited overseas destination, to work and live permanently there in, you need to know that the Express Entry System Canada is an easy and quick way to realize your dream.

Modelled on the SkillSelect of Australia, it is an amazing system brought into existence to improve the manner Ottawa welcomes qualified people and uses their expertise and professional know-how to boost the national economy and create rewarding job-opportunities for the nationals.

This article aims to throw light on how the system works and how an applicant can increase their chances of successfully immigrating to the destination to take their career to the dizzying heights of professional glory.

Under the Express Entry Program, the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship (IRCC)–the concerned organization responsible for running the visa and immigration affairs for the country–facilitates the movement of the trained manpower and migrants who can handsomely contribute to the already thriving Canadian economy, and enjoy the privilege of living in the developed country permanently with their near and dear ones.

To get started, first of all you need to understand that the Express Entry System Canada is not a separate immigration programme, but a highly effective and fruitful way to manage the 1000s of migration requests which the IRCC receives every year.

The first step is to create an online profile, to provide the needed information regarding your skills, work experience, language proficiency, and education. After you meet the basic criteria, you would be required to submit an application under one of the three visa application programmes, namely – the Federal Skilled Workers Programme (FSWP), the Federal Skilled Trades Programme (FSTP), or the Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

Post creating an online profile, and submitting all the necessary supporting information and documents, you will be asked to send an Expression of Interest (EOI). You will be ranked on the basis of a points system in which those with the highest points shall receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA), for a Canadian Visa.

Importantly, if you have a valid job offer, or a state or territory nomination, you can receive additional points and increase your chances of migrating to the hotspot.

Contact Canada Visa Specialists

To know, in detail, how the Express Entry System really works, and how you can ‘milk’ it to your advantage, get in touch with a trusted and experienced professional visa and immigration specialist TODAY!


Apply for Permanent Resident in Canada

Who would not want to become a Permanent Resident in Canada? Millions of people harbor a near eternal dream of making it successfully to this awesome location. Over 200, 000 people fired by an inspiration to gain possession of nationality, through process of naturalization, enter this awesome location every year.

There are several immigration programs that one can use to gain a Permanent Resident in Canada. Some of the prominent pathways include:

• Family reunification;
• Am employment offer from a Canadian company;
• Skill sets and professional experience in great demand;
• An intent of investing with a Canadian bank;
• A plan to establish a new or invest in a commercial organization;
• A profession which an individual promises to practice as a self-employed.

All of the above stated categories, except family reunification program, require the applicants to procure a formal invite from either the federal, provincial government, or the government of Quebec to apply for the permanent residency of the country. This process commonly starts with the applicants making a formal request through an electronic platform – Express Entry or a platform controlled by a state government of province for which the applicant is moving his or her request, of through a paper based process.

The processing of the application can take some time even though recently the tenure of screen process of applications has been shortened quite a bit. But, the conditions attached to the profile and the program through which the application has been moved depends on the policy framework of the scheme.

It is generally believed the requests being routed through the provincial sponsorship schemes – the PNPs, are processed on priority, and perhaps, as per the experience this fact has been proven in several cases where the aspirants have been able to home in on their PR Visa within a short span of time.

Once the approval for the visa for an indefinite permanent resident in Canada has been obtained, the applicants are advised to go ahead with the medical tests. Post medical check-up the Canadian consulate in the area of the applicants requests for submission of the passport for PR stamping.

If you feel that you need to move to the country permanently, make a smart move now and Get a free assessment by filling in a free assessment form.


Apply for Canada Immigration from India

There are opportunities galore for people willing to Apply for Canada Immigration. It would not be a surprise if you find yourself amidst a wide array of programs that could lead to your ultimate goal of settling down in this country. The only thing you require is appropriate qualifications, in terms of skills and professional experience, or adequate amount of investment ready funds and a plan to establish a commercially viable organization in the Maple Leaf country.

Under the current framework, the Canada Immigration is offered to interested immigrants under following categories:

• Skilled migration:
o Federal;
o Provincial nomination;
o Quebec skilled worker scheme;

• Business and investment migration:
o Start-up visa;
o Immigrant investor visa;
o Self-employed;

• Family sponsorship visa

Skilled Migration

Most commonly used pathway is the skills based route, under which the immigrants are invited for settlement in the country. This category is classified into various subclasses based on preferences and control, like:

• Some programs are under the direct control of the federal government, and do not require any sponsorship, but race for these schemes is rather competitive and require the aspirants to procure an invite to apply for immigration through a profile in ‘Express Entry’ though in recent draws after changes in the policy in November 2016, there has been a constant drop in the selection pitch points. The latest draw conducted on February 8, 2017 saw the selection points dip below 450 – 447 to be precise.

• Other programs are directly controlled by the states – either in synchronization with the EE or independent mechanism controlled by the provincial authorities. The PNPs have recently attracted more interest from the aspirants since these are considered to be an easier way of moving to the Canadian shores.

Business Migration
Business and investment schemes of Canada visa have also seen a fair level of success since these have also become quite popular among the aspiring applicants.

The business migration category requires innovative entrepreneurial skills, and endorsement of designated Canadian bodies. Similarly, the investor schemes offered on federal and provincial levels need the immigrants to infuse a stipulated amount of money into the qualified venues for a mandated period.

If you are looking forward to move to this awesome location, but are not sure about how to go ahead with the task, approach us and get a free assessment today.


What Should You Know About Canada Express Entry Rules?

Are you ready to take off to Canada? Certainly you are an established business icon. You firmly believe that people who have the real knack to explore business should be there in the hotspot. But prior to moving, you need to nail on certain rules. The lowdown will give you proper perspectives on Canada Express Entry rules.

Who gets Canada Express Entry?

For a general idea, you should know that Canada Express Entry actually pinpoints those immigrants who are efficient. Some points are offered to the right candidate after judging their skills, language, experience in the work, and education.

Rules that you should know about Express Entry

  • The candidate needs to submit all his documents in the Expression of Interest (EoI) as an evidence of his skill, work experience, language eloquence, and education details.
  • Now after evaluating the above mentioned, the concerned candidate is offered some points from the Express Entry system.
  • Now the cumulative frequency based on these parameters are calculated which is meant to offer score through the Canada Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).
  • For those candidates, who managed to score the best in the list, are chosen for the Express Entry draw as well.
  • Just remember for that the candidate will have to stand the qualifying score.

Some important test rules to know about Express Entry

  • As you know that candidates have to appear for a test which is specially language test. The score will work for two years only.
  • Applicants from foreign countries will have to give their educational credential assessment test.
  • The rule book says that candidates should apply to the Express Entry, via online and submit their EoI.
  • According to Canada Express Entry rules, the candidate will have to hit the number 67.
  • Later, he also needs to submit the character as well as health certification records.

Immigration Process for Canada

Immigration Process for Canada typically starts with you arranging a meeting with an expert who would give you some specialist insight about the possibilities of migrating to this country in light of the applicable laws of visa.

Every year, millions of the enthusiasts join the fray to attempt entering the shores of Maple Leaf country. There are primarily two ways that you can try too: family class and economic class. Well, I am not sure about you making it through family class, for you would need to have some relatives or family members in areas that offer nomination schemes, but you can surely try migrating through economic class.

The economic class migrants, skilled and business class applicants need to have certain mandatory qualifications to be deemed eligible for immigrating. The business class applicants must satisfy certain conditions related to funds and business experience; the skilled applicants must fulfill certain stipulations prescribed under the Canada visa program for skilled workers.

To start the Process of immigrating to the Canadian shores, you must actually evidence your linguistic abilities in either of official languages of the country: English or French. To substantiate this, the applicants must write an approved language examination and score stipulated marks. You must also obtain a credential assessment report – that would be based on your education – from a designated Canadian agency.

Once both these steps have been successfully negotiated, the application Immigration Process for Canada can start. Under the current format, you can place your request for either the federal – independent – visa, or for PNP – sponsorship – visa.

The applications are placed through online portal now: since 2015 system of accepting paper applications have been nearly discarded – though some states may still accept paper based requests. The requests are placed on an electronic platform – Express Entry, or PNP driven platform.

The submission of your application on the online platform puts you effectively in fray for the Canada Permanent Resident Visa. Your selection would greatly depend on the marks scored by your profile – incase of federal selection system, or on the nomination issued in your favored by a government of the province for which you have lodged your request.

On crossing the first stage, be assured that your application would be expedited quickly – under the present conditions, people have received permits within six months of being selected.

So what are you waiting for, hurry up! And, get a free assessment by filling up the free assessment form.