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UK Business Visitor Visa Refusals–Who Have Right of Appeal?

Many people see it a golden opportunity to travel to the UK on a Business Visitor Visa. It opens the gate of opportunities for them, and gives them a chance to expand their business to this part of the world.

The UK is a global business center that has one of the most thriving business cultures. From every corner of the world hundreds and thousands of people come to the country to do business. Different immigration rules apply to people who live abroad but want to do business in the UK.

Coming back to the UK Business Visitor Visa, those moving with it can engage in following activities attend the conference, seminar, meeting or a trade fair, appear for a job interview, deliver, examine or purchase goods and negotiate or sign agreements or contracts.

To get Business Visitor Visa to UK, an applicant has to clear the same test as it is cleared by applicants of other categories but will also have to satisfy many other requirements such as the resident work abroad and prove they intend to return back and they will not provide any services or produce goods while they are in the country.

Initially, the visa is issued for up to six months with multiple entries. There is also the option of further extension restricted to certain conditions.

Business Visitor Visa UK Requirements

You can apply for it if you are above 18 years and intend to visit the country only for business purpose. Your visit period must be short and for six months or less, and if you are an academic visitor, you can n extend it beyond one year. Also, you must prove that you have sufficient funds to cover your expenses while you are in overseas hotspot.

Required Documents

There is a whole list of regular documents required but what is most important is that you must be able to give and prove that you have a solid reason to return home. This is the most essential requirement and often become behind many UK Business Visitor Visa application refusals.

What You Can’t Do With This Visa?

  1. You cannot pursue a course of study.

  2. You cannot charge the public for the services provided or goods received.

  3. You must have a home outside the UK, and share strong ties with your family that shows you will return upon expiry of your visa.

  4. You must have an earning source in the form of salary/remuneration from abroad.

  5. You must not plan to marry or register a civil partnership in the UK.

  6. You must not be a transit passenger to a country outside the Common Travel Area.

Right of Appeal

Many Business Visitor Visa UK applicants are refused this visa to enter the country as a business visitor and get a detailed letter explaining the refusal reason. Only those applicants, who have a family in the country, have a right to appeal against the decision. Others are not entitled to appeal. Therefore, consult an immigration consultant before you submit your visa application.