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Basic Business Migration Requirements for Provisional Visa Decoded

Different kinds of immigration options are available even while the Business migration option is entirely for all those successful businessmen who possess a successful business history. An aspirant can migrate to his preferred destination, say Australia, if he meets the eligibility conditions.

Usually, the selection criteria for every country are different from each other. But one thing is for sure: the applicant is invited to the nation with the main aim of establishing the venture or firm there in. In return, the contribution made to country is rewarded with its Permanent Residency (PR) whereupon an expat enjoys many benefits. The plan is fully fueled by the action that is put into practice with the aim of benefiting the destination–either by investment, or starting of a firm or a venture there in.

Basically, there are two categories that allow hassle-free migration. Either apply for a Provisional Visa or apply for the Permanent Residence (PR) Visa.

Business Migration Requirements:

  • An aspirant needs to possess a successful business career in his country.
  • Before immigration, he must seize state or territory sponsorship.
  • It is also expected that the aspirant holds a managerial post in the business at least for 4 years before filing a petition.
  • An aspirant seeking business migration needs to meet the capital fund requirement of the country along with the managerial skills.
  • A welcoming country expects that an aspirant is able to sustain his living in the nation for at least 6 months even without working there.
  • His age should not be above 55 years.
  • He should have devoted 50 % of his time holding managerial posts in his mentioned business.
  • He should not hold the business or investment proposal generally that is not acceptable in the country you wish to move into.
  • The business proposed needs to meet the eligibility criteria of the nation.
  • Before starting the business, the applicant requires meeting the obligations of the business or investment needs of the country.

Apart from these Business migration eligibility criteria, there are certain necessities that one requires proving:

  • One needs to prove that he runs a successful business in his residing country.
  • His net assets must meet the qualifying business requirement that is fixed by the country.
  • Apart from the investment and business capital, his net capital should be more than that so that you can maintain an easy living in the nation at least for 6 months.
  • He should have enough funds and an authority to successfully transfer it to his account in migrating country within two years.
  • He must meet the standards of language proficiency.
  • He must not be more than 45 years of age.
  • He must have opted for the business that is acceptable in the country and will help in making an addition to its economy.
  • His background must be clean. To prove, one requires submitting the necessary papers. These should prove that the person is a law abiding person and has earned the net capital fund through legal practices in his home country.