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Australian PR Visa from India–Are You Inspired?

Which country tops the chart when it comes to Australia Immigration? The nationals of which specific nation have the highest number of Australian PR Visas? India figures in both the answers. While it’s India which sends the highest number of visitors to Down Under it is the Indian immigrants who have acquired the highest number of PR Visas in the overseas hotspot.

It is the most preferred immigration destination for Indian skilled workers and students. First-rate education, amazing salaries, and superlative infrastructure make the destination the Number 1 hotspot for the Indians.

Thanks to its strong economy, outstanding health care and education system it is a popular immigration destination for the Indians. Indian immigrants also enjoy the benefit of having knowledge of the local language. These are just some of the reasons that attract numerous Indian visitors to Oz.

If you are keen to acquire the Australian PR Visa from India then you must at least know which PR immigration programme will lead you to your dream destination.

Oz Prefers Indian Immigrants

The love is mutual as the ‘Land of Kangaroos’ also prefer Indian immigrants as they are laborious skilled workers who help their economy grow. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) gives preference to those immigrants who are keen to settle there permanently even as by and large majority of the Indian immigrants are keen to become Australian Permanent Residents, and so they are given high preference.

Australian PR Visa from India

PR in the country can be acquired through a well organized point based system. The country’s point based system is not only appreciated by many other countries but it has been followed as well. To qualify, the minimum passing marks is 60 points. However, higher points will maximize your chances.

Some of the major influencing facts that play a crucial role in deciding if you are eligible for Australian PR are as follow:


It is a real influencing factor. The DIBP prefers young applicants with a fire to start afresh. Still, age limit varies under different PR Visa categories. For accurate information, consult an Australia immigration consultant. Remember: your PR Visa application will be rejected if you have crossed the eligible age limit.

Language Proficiency

Your application will not be entertained if you have not submitted your language score along with your visa application, or if your language score is below the set benchmark.

Health Certificate

The Australian Government is very particular about health issues. Hence, you must submit your health status as well or else your application will be considered incomplete and it will not be processed further.

Criminal Record

Those with criminal background should not even try to submit their application.

‘Land of Kangaroos’ has numerous PR Visa categories depending on the applicant’s skills and education. To successfully acquire the country’s PR Visa, choose the right visa category. For that you can take the help of an Australian PR visa consultant who will provide you’re the needed support and guidance.


Are You Interested To Get Hold Of Australia Visa from India?

Australia is a haven for the pushy overseas businessmen and investors, keen to make it BIG on the international stage even as there is no dearth of those who want to get an Australia Visa from India for investment and business purposes. Are you also one of those wishing to get an Australia Investment Business Visa from India? If yes, check this blog and figure out what attractive choices you really have!

But, before we move further, let’s find out what exactly is the Investor Visa for Australia!

Well, it is a special visa developed for the global investment behemoths and high net worth people who want to play a key role in the growth of the Australian economy and settle in the country, on a permanent basis, via the investment route. You can get this visa if you are willing to invest at least 1.5 Million Australian Dollars, but, the bigger investment you make, the large set of perks greet you.

Now let’s check what you get via the path of Australia Business Immigration!

  1. Well, you get the right to develop and manage a fresh or already set-up Australian business on the originally agreed terms & conditions.
  2. You get the right to usher in your near and dear ones as dependants.
  3. You can move globally, minus any difficulties until the visa loses its validity.
  4. You can successfully chase Permanent Residency (PR) or citizenship in due time.

Top Australia Investment Visa Options

Business Innovation and Investment Provisional Visa Subclass 188

It has three different categories:

  • Business Innovation Category: It is meant for those who wish to set up establish a venture or firm in the country.
  • Investment Category: It is basically meant for those who wish to make an investment of not less than 1.5 million Australian Dollars in a state or territory of Oz and keep up business and investment action.
  • Significant Investor Category: It is meant for those who wish to make an investment of not less than 5 million Australian Dollars into Australian investments and continue business and investment movement.

With a Business Innovation Visa, you may make or maintain your investments in the country, and usher-in your family members with you. Apart from this, you get a limitless amount of travel in and out of Down Under for the time-frame of the visa. You also get the right to bring your partner and dependent kids.

As ill luck would have it, this is only an impermanent visa. Still, you get the opportunity to hunt for Permanent Residency (PR) via applying for a Business Innovation and Investment Permanent visa subcategory 888.

With a view to be qualified for the visa, you need to present an Expression of Interest (EoI) and also get nomination from a state or territory administration.

Afterwards, you require fulfilling the normal health and security conditions and some additional requirements specific to each class. While these may be extremely difficult, these also necessitate different factors, like a points test.

You can apply for this Australia Visa from India. You can also do it if you are located in Down Under, even as a great deal of the petition process can be duly concluded online.

Business Innovation and Investment Permanent Visa Subclass 888

It is essentially the second stage visa of the Business Innovation and Investment Australia Visa Subcategory 188. You may only submit an application for it post you have fulfilled the conditions of the Provisional 188 Visa.


As a permanent resident, you and your accompanying family members can:

  1. Reside and do a job in the nation on a permanent basis.
  2. Enrol for study course in the country and benefit from the premium education facilities available.
  3. Avail medicare benefits – the nation’s scheme for healthcare.
  4. Access some specific social security payments.
  5. Submit an application for the much sought after Australian citizenship.
  6. Proffer sponsorship to family members for the prized permanent residence status.


  1. You must have held complying investments as described in your Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) Visa (subcategory 188). You must have held those investments uninterruptedly in any proportion across the investment options, for the duration of your provisional visa.
  2. You must have a good record of following the Australian laws, comprising those relating to taxation, superannuation, workplace relations, and additional laws applicable to your business.
  3. You must have not been associated with any kind of intolerable business or investment movements.
  4. You must have a strong pledge to carry on your business and investment movement in the nation.

Consult a well-known consultancy, if you want to get this or for that matter any other Australia Visa from India.


Australia Permanent Resident for Indians – A Getting Started Guide

This is a step-by-step guide to make yourself familiar with the entire process of obtaining Australia Permanent Resident for Indians as followed by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

Step no. 1 – The type of Migration for Australia

The DIBP entails a Points Based System based on different visa subclass or categories. From making a Business Immigration to migrating to the land Down Under through the Skill Select Programme, you must be aware of which visa subclass would suit your own purpose the most.

Step no. 2 – Criteria of Migration for Australia

Once you are through the selection process of the most suitable visa type, subclass, category for your migration, you should know that as per the points based system you would be judged amongst the application pool on the basis of various factors such as – age, language proficiency, work experience, skill and nomination Criteria. Thus, get yourself started with going for an online score estimation to know where you stand now.

Step no. 3 –Process of Migrations for Australia

After you have chosen your visa subclass and obtained your points along with submitting the supporting documents and an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the DIBP, you will have to wait until you receive an invite, and then you can obtain an Australia Permanent Resident for Indians. The higher the points, the higher the chances.
To help you know more, below are the five most commonly preferred visa categories to obtain a Permanent Resident:

1) Skill Based Australia Permanent Resident – Employer Nomination Scheme (Subclass Visa 186)
2) Business Innovation and Investment Visa for Australia (Subclass Visa 188)
3) Business Talent Visa for Australia (Subclass Visa 132)
4) Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (Subclass Visa 187)
5) Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass Visa 189)
6) Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass Visa 190)


PR in Australia Check Eligibility Criteria

PR in Australia: In today’s technology and Internet-driven world, nearly everyone of us want to get the best in the world, even if we may have to shift base to a foreign country for the object. We are inspired by the top global destinations, like Canada, the US, the UK, Australia, etc.

Do you want to live abroad, say in Australia, on a permanent basis? If yes, you will be required obtaining a Permanent Resident Visa (PRV) of that particular country. In case of Down Under you will need an Australia PR Visa. You will also require knowing about the process and the different visa streams up-for-grabs to get what you want.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP)–the concerned body that regulates the flow of migrants to the country–follows a Points Based System which facilitates the easy migration of the skilled professionals into the country. Based on the system, those with the highest points receive the Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Permanent Residency (PR) in the country and make a handy contribution to the cause of the country’s economy.

If you are already getting excited about living your dreams in this hot spot, do not wait as you would require the minimum points for PR in Australia. Don’t worry as this article will explain the point systems for obtaining PR in the widely visited destination which enjoys much popularity in the world.

As per the DIBP, every applicant must obtain a minimum of 60 points, to make the grade for obtaining a PR Visa for Oz. To give you a perspective, the following are the factors which will determine your eligibility –

1) Age
2) English Language Proficiency
3) Skills
4) Educational Qualification
5) Study in regional Australia
6) Partner Skill Qualification
7) Australian Study Requirements
8) Credentialed Community Language Qualifications
9) Professional Year in Australia
10) Nomination by State or Territory Government

Before you start imagining or figuring-out your points, it is crucial to understand that there are also different types of visa categories which you can choose to submit an application for PR in Australia. To being with, the first category is – the Skilled Immigrant (subclass 189), the Skilled Sponsored (subclass 190), and the Skilled Regional Sponsored (subclass 489). Don’t get worried, these streams are just different visa categories and it is crucial to know which category fits your application the best.

Let’s take the case of an applicant who is between the age of 25 and 32 years and is proficient in English or French language, and holds a minimum experience of upto 8 years. Then he will obtain a total of 60 points. Thus, it is important to know your eligibility criteria and the type of the specific visa category which is most suitable for your visa application, and before you know you will be realizing your dreams.


Australian Immigration Process

You could be a new entrant Down Under if you did everything required to obtain the Australia visa. With each passing year, the number of the immigrants to this country, in the southern hemisphere, has been increasing incessantly. You must be wondering why you are not there yet when you are highly qualified in your stream. But there is a catch to this situation, the Australian immigration visa can only be obtained by those who have their skills mentioned either in the federal or the state based skilled occupations lists.

If you think that you satisfy all the required parameters, there is nothing to hold you back, just rope in some experts and kick start the Australian Immigration Process. The things may get a little messy for you, when it comes to compiling all the relevant information regarding your profile, such as education and other necessary details. But, there is hardly any need to worry about this since you would always find some specialists to guide and assist you.

The process of Immigrating to Australia can typically start with you writing an approved language test to evidence your linguistic skills in the de-facto official language of the country: English, and getting your education and work experience assessed from an authorized Australian assessment agency.

Once these tasks have been successfully accomplished, you enter the next phase of application Process for Immigrating Down Under. For this, always ensure that you get a correct checklist of documents that you would need to submit in the first set of application. The first application is created online in form of an EOI – Express Of Interest – on SkillSelect Platform.

While creating an EOI on the Skill-select, you would need to also decide the program, from a list of schemes, under which you would like to place your request to immigrate to this country. I should rather put it this that the scheme under which your profile would easily fit.

The task of deciding which program can ease up your way to the destination you dream of can be effectively taken care of by the experienced minds. You just have keep cooperating with the people you seek help from.

Have any queries? And wish to know more on this? Just fill in a free assessment form with us and mail your details today.