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Australian PR from India–Are You Driven?

Australian PR from Indian – are you from India and keen to live in an exceedingly developed global economy and make the most of the various facilities offered to the residents of the country? If yes, read the edit!

As one knows well, technology now-a-days has eased the immigration pathway. Most ambitious and overseas immigration motivated people love to reside in the developed countries even as the UK, the US, Germany, etc., have always won the race when it comes to deciding upon an immigration destination.

But now, Australia, also known as Oz, is fast attracting the Indian aspirants with its multiple benefits that are attached to its prized and the much sought after Permanent Residency (PR) status.

A large number of the candidates from India are selecting Oz because of quality education, soft immigration policies, amazing healthcare and educational facilities, and the wonderful tourist attractions.

To successfully get the Australian PR from India, they need to know from where to start and how they can make the Kangaroo Land their home.

The way to grab the PR from India starts with getting complete knowledge of the different visas up-for-grabs. Out of its visa pool, a Skilled Migration Visa is the best option available to the wishful migrants. For all these aspiring migrants, the Australian Government and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP)–the organization managing the nation’s visa and immigration affairs–offers the Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189) and the Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190). After selecting the right visa category, an aspirant from India–or for that matter from most other nations–needs to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI).

Australian Visa is purely based upon the point system where an expat need to score the bare minimum benchmark of 60 points. These points are assigned to his age, educational qualifications, employment experience, and language expertise. Needless to say, every point counts in a big way, and the candidate who gets more points will surely meet the requirements for immigration to his dream country.

Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 helps in grabbing the PR by those candidates who are unable to fetch any family sponsorship or territory nomination. If a person is chosen through this widely used and very popular immigration gateway, then he needs to submit his consent within 60 days of receiving the invitation.

Get Australian PR from India through the Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190). This specific visa also works on the point system. It helps the applicant who is nominated by the territory or state government. This particular visa fosters the freedom of working, living and studying in the country. If his profile is shortlisted for the PR status, then he should submit an application for a visa within 60 days of receiving the invitation.

Oz’s well-known point based system facilitates temporary and permanent visas to the aspirants. The points are assigned on his educational qualification, age, education, language skills, etc. This helps him in submitting an EOI. The applicant needs to select the skill from the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) of the wonderful and widely visited immigration hotspot.

After receiving an invitation from the country, the next step for the PR from India is to apply online and for which he needs to collect all important documents that include his educational credentials, work experience. Apart from this, he needs to get a fitness certificate from the authorized center. Getting police verification is a must to prove that he does not possess any criminal record.

Given the fact that the entire visa process is partially online and offline, when he submits his application online he needs to pay fees online. After the successful payment of the visa fees, he needs to submit his visa form along with the necessary documents and originals at the designated centers. And he may be called up for an interview.

Get Assistance & Guidance

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Are You Keen To Obtain PR in Australia from India?

The world hails Australia, also known as “the land of plenty”, for not only its natural beauty and diverse wildlife but also its booming economy which yields to “plenty” of job opportunities accompanied by a high standard of living. If you’re eager to enjoy its benefits (rightfully so!) worry not and let us take you on a guided tour as how to you can turn that thought into a reality!

PR in Australia is nothing less than a dream, however not an impossible one. If you intend to make this country as your permanent abode, there’s an elaborate procedure that you need to go through:

  • Skilled Migration Programme: It’s the most common form of migration. The applicants must be under the age of 50 and have a professional year of work or have completed an eligible Australia qualification. Moreover, most candidates are required to take an English language test. In 2012, an advanced online system called SkillSelect was introduced for pursuing skilled immigrants to Oz, to claim for job positions. After going though the aforementioned steps, you are required to take medical and psychological tests to prove you’re a steady person with good personal features. There are three sub categories of the Skilled Migration Programme – Skilled Independent visa, Skilled Nominated Visa and Skilled Regional visa.
  • Family Migration Programme: Under it, if you have a family member with citizenship, PR in Australia or eligible citizenship, then you can acquire sponsorship from them to reside in the country. Along with partner migration for those who wish to carry on a marital relationship with an Australian PR or citizen, there is also a special provision for the elderly people who are single, widowed or divorced, and are financially dependent on a relative in Oz or a remaining relative who are the brother, sister or child a person in Down Under, who, if they did not migrate to the hotspot, would otherwise be left to fend for themselves overseas.
  • Business Migration Programme: If you’re an entrepreneur who wishes to branch out to Down Under, then you can apply for the residency under Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) Visa. This allows you to own and manage a new or existing business in the country, or to provide you an opportunity to invest there in. The first step towards achieving this is to get nomination by state of territory government. Once you’re successful in getting it, you will need to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) which will lead to an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for the visa through SkillSelect, after submitting the required documents.

So, the passageway to PR in Australia is not that difficult of a process, which we’re certain you must have realized after reading this article. Wait no more, the Kangaroo Land is a vast ocean of opportunities, with its innovative economy and one of the world’s best academic and research institutions, for anyone who is willing to explore and is determined to enjoy its benefits. You just need to dive in!


Do You Know about Points Required for Australian PR? Know Here Now!

Australia–the highly developed global economy–allows a large number of migrants to take Australian PR from around the world, to live on its territories and contribute to its economy. With shining dreams in their eyes and fond hopes in their hearts, the overseas immigration motivated people, from across the globe, move to the hotspot (or make honest efforts to do so), for the numerous well-paying opportunities available there in, and a better future for themselves and their family.

Right from the qualified migrants to simple one, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) Australia–the organization responsible for running the immigration & visa affairs for the country–has devised an excellent Points Based System, to facilitate the movement of the trained migrants, who do not hold any sponsorship by a family member or an employer. With this effective and useful way of migration, you can continue to work and live in the extensively visited and the much talked about hotspot permanently.

As mentioned before, the DIBP enlists a Points Based System to facilitate the migration of the skilled workers in the country. From age, English language ability, skill, job experience to educational qualifications, partner skills qualification, study requirements and state or territory nomination, the immigration body in question follows a skilled points test for every applicant, wanting to live permanently in the nation.

Before you present an application, you would first be required to submit an Expression of Interest (EoI) and create an online profile, via the Express Entry or the SkillSelect migration plan. Once your EOI is through, the DIBP–based on the minimum points required for Australian PR–will shortlist the candidates from a vast pool of visa applications, and send them an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for a visa. For those not tuned in, PR means Permanent Residency.

Remarkably, the different age requirements also give you different points required for Australian PR for your visa application. For example – an applicant between 18-24 years of age will be offered 25 points while a person aged between 25 and 32 will obtain 30 points. Moreover, a person with superior proficiency in English language (based on IELTS/TOEFL scores) will receive 20 points while an applicant with a competitive English language will fail to get any points.

Given this, know more and get a step closer towards living your overseas dreams!

But, in case you have some difficulties understanding the process and the Points System, do not hesitate to get in touch with the professional Australia immigration consultants! They will make the entire process a cakewalk for you even as you will understand the system well. And, eventually manage to shift base to the Kangaroo Land, and get the prized and the much sought after PR there in.


Keen To Shine On Global Map? Apply For Australia Investment Visa!

To make it big abroad and expand horizons, Australia Investment Visa could be a very good option. Today, Oz ranks as the most favorable immigration destination for the foreign investors. The nation’s two major cities, Melbourne and Sydney, are home to majority of migrants and thus they are the most bustling metropolises.

Annually, along with a large number of tourists, the country also attracts 1000s of foreign investors who migrate to the country with the intention of taking advantage of its amazing investment opportunities.

Oz has the twelfth largest economy and the fifth highest per capita income in the world. Its economy is mainly based on tourism, education and financial industries, and is extremely rich in natural resources such as iron ore, wool, gold, and wheat.

Down Under encourages the foreign investors to migrate through its numerous investment based streams. These classes lead to the prized Permanent Residency (PR) and later candidate can apply for the much sought after Australian citizenship and settle indefinitely with their family. Thus, for the candidates, it’s a golden opportunity not to be missed.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has set up a three step process. The first and foremost step is for the foreign investors to apply for Temporary Residence Permit (TRP). The DIBP offers many temporary visas and numerous foreign investors are benefited by the 188 Visa.

To receive a TRP, under the 188 Visa, the candidate must qualify for one of the sub categories, such as business innovation, business investment or significant investor. Under the category, the candidate can bring along their family i.e. spouse or common law partners and dependent children.

Additionally, at the time of submitting the application the candidate must be below 55 years, must submit a detailed business plan–either to establish a completely new venture or invest in an existing one–and must score at least 65 points on the Points Grid, based on various factors, such as language proficiency, education, business experience, age, state or territorial nomination.

Once the candidate has met the set criteria for the Australia Investment Visa Subclass 188, they are issued a TRP for a period of four years. At the end of the period, the candidate may submit an application for the Permanent Business Visa, i.e., 888.

To qualify for the Visa 888, the candidate must meet one of the following two criteria. First, he must prove that he possesses legally acquired net value of at least 600,000 Australian Dollars. Additionally, the candidate must continue to maintain ownership interest in a business in the country and must successfully employ Australian citizens.

Secondly, the applicant qualifies for a business and has successfully sustained the investment for not less than four years. If he successfully meets the above requirements he will be granted a PR Visa.

Australia Investment Visa will ultimately lead the investor to Australian citizenship. Once the candidate has live in the country for at least four years, he can apply for Citizenship through the official process known as naturalization.


Australia Investor Visa & Allocation of Points

Are you aware of the fact that the Australia Investor Visa is packed with many options even as the country has numerous enticing visa options, available on the temporary and permanent basis? The Investment Visa is based upon its point system. Under it, you need to secure 65 points in total.

Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) Visa under the Subclass 188 helps the applicant-investors cross the borders provided they are eligible for immigration.

Your capital funds is the main reason of granting visas for you, but still there are other requirements that need to be fulfilled to move to Kangaroo Land.

Australia Investor Visa Points System is governed by:

  • Age–Under the age category the maximum points are 30 that an applicant can get. These points are allotted to the candidate who is in the age bracket of 25-32 years.
  • English language proficiency–An eligible youngster can get 10 points for his language skills, whereas he is assigned 5 more points if he is well versed in the vocational English. There are ILETS, Cambridge English Advanced test and OET that determine your score level in this category.
  • Managerial experience in the business–You may get the highest score of 15 points under this category. Your experience in the field helps you score more points. The higher the experience, the higher are the points allotted. If your experience is about 4 years, then you get 10 points, but with seven years of experience, you manage to grab 15 points.
  • Educational qualifications–This heading helps you get 10 points. Apart from these points, you need to meet other requirement as well, i.e., you should have a diploma in Bachelor’s Degree from an Australian educational institution. This will give you 5 points, whereas Bachelor’s Degree in science, business or technology helps you get 10 points.
  • Total net capital–Under this heading, your net capital is scrutinized before allotting points. When you and your spouse possess capital worth 800,000 Australian Dollars, then you get 5 points. If it’s 1.3 million Australian Dollars, then 15 points and for 1.8 million Australian Dollars 25 points are given. And, 35 points–the highest in this category–is assigned to the applicant who possesses 2.25 million Australian Dollars of net capital worth.
  • Business turnover–It also helps you get points. 5 points are allotted if the business turnover is 500.000 Australian Dollars. At 1.0 million Australian Dollars the points are 10, at 1.5 million Australian Dollars 25 points, and the highest score of 35 points under this category is allotted to the business turnover of 2.0 million Australian Dollars.
  • Special authorization–If your investment idea is unique and capable of taking a territory or state to the next level, then you are entitled to get extra 5 points under it.
  • Business establishment–How long you are involved in your mentioned business also helps you score some points.

The total sum of 65 points scored under this classification fosters easy and convenient Australia Investor Visa.


Australian Immigration Process

You could be a new entrant Down Under if you did everything required to obtain the Australia visa. With each passing year, the number of the immigrants to this country, in the southern hemisphere, has been increasing incessantly. You must be wondering why you are not there yet when you are highly qualified in your stream. But there is a catch to this situation, the Australian immigration visa can only be obtained by those who have their skills mentioned either in the federal or the state based skilled occupations lists.

If you think that you satisfy all the required parameters, there is nothing to hold you back, just rope in some experts and kick start the Australian Immigration Process. The things may get a little messy for you, when it comes to compiling all the relevant information regarding your profile, such as education and other necessary details. But, there is hardly any need to worry about this since you would always find some specialists to guide and assist you.

The process of Immigrating to Australia can typically start with you writing an approved language test to evidence your linguistic skills in the de-facto official language of the country: English, and getting your education and work experience assessed from an authorized Australian assessment agency.

Once these tasks have been successfully accomplished, you enter the next phase of application Process for Immigrating Down Under. For this, always ensure that you get a correct checklist of documents that you would need to submit in the first set of application. The first application is created online in form of an EOI – Express Of Interest – on SkillSelect Platform.

While creating an EOI on the Skill-select, you would need to also decide the program, from a list of schemes, under which you would like to place your request to immigrate to this country. I should rather put it this that the scheme under which your profile would easily fit.

The task of deciding which program can ease up your way to the destination you dream of can be effectively taken care of by the experienced minds. You just have keep cooperating with the people you seek help from.

Have any queries? And wish to know more on this? Just fill in a free assessment form with us and mail your details today.