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Immigration to Manitoba, Canada—Are You Qualified?

Every year, 1000s of people look forward for Immigration to Manitoba, Canada in search of, among others, rewarding employment and/or investment opportunities. The statement is fully justified by the data that states that as high as 85% of the nominees that comes to the Manitoba starts working after 3 months and 76 % migrants own their home within 5 years and 95% of them gets comfortably settled into their new home called Manitoba.

There are many reasons that attract them to make this ‘one of the three prairie provinces of the nation that has a long history of welcoming guests with wide open arms’their new home,even while immigration to Manitoba, Canada is fully supported, either by family unification or by wonderful employment opportunities there in.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (M-PNP)

It is one such welcoming doorway that helps an aspirant seize the Permanent Residency (PR) of Canada. Immigration to Manitoba, Canada is fully fueled by its business opportunities, provision of employments and world-class lifestyle.

Apart from this wonderful and widely used gateway, there is Family Sponsorship and Federal Immigration Programmes that help with the hassle-free migration to the province. The province welcomes refugees from across the globe with open arms. They are either sponsored by the government or by private sponsors. Over the time, these refugees have made a remarkable addition to the economy, thus rewarding generously back to the community for their little act of kindness.

Clearing a Pathway to the Maple Leaf Country through Manitoba Provincial Nominee Programme

The MPNP is a promising scheme that allows hassle-free entry to the province. It is weaved for all those people who possess the capability of making an addition to the economy of Canada. The Immigration, Refugees,and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) — the apex visa and immigration affairs governing body of the nation–provides all possible and necessary help to the aspirants, in clearing stones that may hinder the migration pathway.

The process starts with the submission of interest followed by submitting documents in support of showing interest in the province and genuine intention to reside there in.

Basically, there are two categories that help the applicants-

  • Skilled Worker Category, and
  • Business Investor Category.

The MPNP is especially crafted for all those aspirants who wish to reside in the province,along with family their members and dependents. When a person crosses the borders, on business or investment grounds, then it’s expected that he will make some fixed investment in the business or venture there in the province. The applicant who does not meet the necessities of the programme is advised to look for other provinces in the nation and not Manitoba.

Submitting an application does not guarantee Permanent Residency (PR). The IRCC that looks into the matter reviews the file and expects all medical and safety norms are rightly met before issuing an interview letter. If the applicant is found unsuitable for the province, then the nomination may be withdrawn.

The lucky applicants who manage to seize the nomination are expected to make investments of 100,000 Canadian Dollars. This invested amount is refunded to the investor after a period of given 5 years with the necessary condition of yielding no interest on this capital. Once in the province, he is able to grab its PR and then Canadian citizenship.

The MPNP–Who are Ineligible to Apply?

Thesepeople lack the eligibility to present a petition:

  1. Refugee claimants, or those involved in a federal appeal or removal process.
  2. Live-in Caregivers presently residing in the nation. 3.
  3. Temporary overseas employees presently working and doing a job in any otherCanadian province.
  4. Partners of either Canadian permanent residents or citizens.
  5. Those who have been refused by the MPNP inside the previous six months or so, and who are not in a position to mention the cause(s) for denial
  6. Those who have an active immigration petition with a different provincial immigration scheme in the country.

Important:Presently, in the high-powered economy of the province, trained labor force, tradespeople, and experts are in high demand. Actually, the Administration of Manitoba projects a labour deficiency of more than 20,000 qualified employees by 2020.

Against this backdrop, if you are one of these in-demand professionals, and are motivated with immigration to Manitoba, target Canada! You will get a chance to move to your dream destination and get PR there in without great difficulties or problems.