Immigration to Hungary–Immigrant Investor Visa & Business Visa Categories


Immigration to Hungary–Immigrant Investor Visa & Business Visa Categories

Thermal water cave system, rich cultural history, and an array of lakes have made Hungary a very hot immigration destination amongst the international tourists. But it’s more than lakes and water systems that have added colors to its beauty and made it win the race of migration destination. Immigration to Hungary is quite simple if you follow the right steps and hire a trusted immigration partner for your Hungary Immigration Visa.

It’s a place where candidates get attracted to its significant art, music and culture. Being a part of the European Union (UN), it has added many colors to its vibrant features that can attract anyone to get settled in the country.

There are many visa categories that allow immigration to Hungary, such as Transit Visa, Work Visa, Student Visa, Self-Employment Visa, etc. But there are two visa categories that are most popular amongst the migrants because of their generous features that these bestow on the wishful candidate.

Immigrant Investor Visa

The candidates from across the globe is invited to make an investment in Hungary with a certain fixed amount, i.e., EUR 300,000 for a period of 5 years through government bonds, and an additional investment of EUR 60,000.

In lieu of this investment, the applicant gets the residency in the nation which he can renew year after year. This investment is for 5 years. After this the amount is returned to the applicant without any interest whereas he can keep the residency. This programme also allows him to get his PR status converted into the Hungarian citizenship after a period of 8 years.

Business Immigration — Immigration to Hungary

This gateway seems promising to those people who wish to establish their business in the country. It allows them hassle-free migration to the nation along with his family. Out of many, the KFT is the most famous amongst the business people. A wishful migrant under this program needs EUR 10,000. All the necessary help is provided to the applicant during the immigration process. The good thing about this specific scheme is that it takes just 30 days to complete the formalities.

In an attempt to favor business people and help them do well in the nation, very less corporate taxes are levied on them, and this amount is least as and when compared with other European countries. When a businessman is able to start his company, then he is provided with a VAT number under which he is required to file tax depending on his annual income.

Once the formalities are rightly met, then he is asked to submit application for long term visa at the Hungary Consulate, and he can submit this from his residing country. At first, the candidate gets 30 days visa and when he reaches in the country, he is issued a residence permit. This permit is basically a Biometric Residence Card that is issued to him.

Business Immigration to Hungary  — Benefits

Here are some of the benefits that are enjoyed by migrants in the landlocked country-

  • You are free to bring your family once you are in Hungary.
  • It’s the quickest programme that enables migrants to get established in the country and enjoy the benefits of its PR.
  • It allows hassle-free entry to other Schengen countries, without any visa formalities.

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