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Apply For Australia Investor Visa!

Australia–the Land of Kangaroos–is a hotspot immigration destination for those who are looking for an opportunity to invest in a foreign country. At a time when some specific countries, like the US and the UK, have almost closed their doors on the immigrants, Australia is attracting them, and a large number of investor immigrants are moving to it to get Australia Investor Visa.

These visas allow the applicants to enter the country as investors–either to establish a venture or invest in an existing one. A lot has been already been written and discussed about the country’s other popular Investor Streams.

Here, we will talk about lesser known subclass 405 especially developed for the foreign investors who have retired and want to start a new innings in Down Under to contribute towards its economic growth and lead a peaceful life with their spouse or common law partner.

Subclass 405 – Retirement Australia Investor Visa

It is basically a temporary visa designed especially for the retired self-funded people, who are keen to spend their retirement days in the country. The stream also allows the partner/spouse to come to the nation. However, one cannot bring along his dependents. You can apply for the same either from within or outside of the country.

Eligibility Conditions

Under the stream, you are most valuable if you successfully meet the following eligibility criteria:

  •  You do not have a dependent with you except your spouse or partner.
  •  You successfully meet the various income parameters.
  •  Financially, you are capable of making a passive investment in the country for a longer period of time.
  •  At the time of submitting the visa application, you are of 55 years of above.


  •  Right to work for up to 40 hours per fortnight.
  •  Live and work in the country for four years.
  •  Bring along your spouse/partner.
  •  Travel in an out of the country any number of times.

How to Apply?

Well, if you are a retiree and keen to immigrate to Oz using the Subclass 405 – Retirement Australia investor visa, as an applicant, you will have to go through the multifaceted immigration procedure and lengthy documentation, and in case if you miss any of the important key aspects, then you are likely to miss the golden opportunity. And for sure, this is the last thing you will want as you are required to complete the formalities within the given time frame. Under such difficult circumstances, assistance from a trusted immigration consultant will certainly prove to be of utter importance.

Besides the above mentioned class, there are number of provisional visa streams, such as the Subclass 188 Business Innovation and Investment Provisional Visas. The category is valid for four years, and has five broad streams such as:-business innovation, investor, significant investor, premium investor and Entrepreneur. The eligibility criteria and the investment amount required to invest vary.


Immigration Process for Canada

Immigration Process for Canada typically starts with you arranging a meeting with an expert who would give you some specialist insight about the possibilities of migrating to this country in light of the applicable laws of visa.

Every year, millions of the enthusiasts join the fray to attempt entering the shores of Maple Leaf country. There are primarily two ways that you can try too: family class and economic class. Well, I am not sure about you making it through family class, for you would need to have some relatives or family members in areas that offer nomination schemes, but you can surely try migrating through economic class.

The economic class migrants, skilled and business class applicants need to have certain mandatory qualifications to be deemed eligible for immigrating. The business class applicants must satisfy certain conditions related to funds and business experience; the skilled applicants must fulfill certain stipulations prescribed under the Canada visa program for skilled workers.

To start the Process of immigrating to the Canadian shores, you must actually evidence your linguistic abilities in either of official languages of the country: English or French. To substantiate this, the applicants must write an approved language examination and score stipulated marks. You must also obtain a credential assessment report – that would be based on your education – from a designated Canadian agency.

Once both these steps have been successfully negotiated, the application Immigration Process for Canada can start. Under the current format, you can place your request for either the federal – independent – visa, or for PNP – sponsorship – visa.

The applications are placed through online portal now: since 2015 system of accepting paper applications have been nearly discarded – though some states may still accept paper based requests. The requests are placed on an electronic platform – Express Entry, or PNP driven platform.

The submission of your application on the online platform puts you effectively in fray for the Canada Permanent Resident Visa. Your selection would greatly depend on the marks scored by your profile – incase of federal selection system, or on the nomination issued in your favored by a government of the province for which you have lodged your request.

On crossing the first stage, be assured that your application would be expedited quickly – under the present conditions, people have received permits within six months of being selected.

So what are you waiting for, hurry up! And, get a free assessment by filling up the free assessment form.


How to Immigrants in Canada from India

It is truly put that Canada is a nation of migrants since the number of new entrants from other countries is rising year on year. It is expected that by 2036, the population of Immigrants in Canada would reach almost 49%.

Immigrants in Canada can be broadly categorized into four classifications: family, economic, humanitarian and refugees. Of these, migrants entering on the basis of economic activity form the largest group. Every year, authorities send out over 300000 invites for second stage of application processing under different categories.

The target for 2016 for economic Canada skilled and business immigration was around 160,000, of which almost all requests were accepted and final stages of visa processing were initiated. In the current year program: in 2017, the authorities plan to increase number of acceptance of requests from business and skilled migrants. As per projections, the numbers in 2017 are expected to shoot above 170,000 that would be at least 7% more than what was targeted last year.

The inflow of migrants entering Canadian borders are expected to be channelized into different programs being offered in federal and provincial nomination schemes. Although some of these schemes would be linked to the Express Entry, FSW and PNPs, many others are going to be offered directly through state backed independent PNPs.

The focus of the Canadian authorities currently is to ensure an even distribution of new entrants in different parts of the country. To see this through, federal and state governments are investing heavily in those regions which till now have not been able to derive any tangible benefits of economic immigration.

The provisions of the updated immigration policy clearly indicate that the authorities of the Maple leaf country are intending to persuade new entrants to settle down in areas away from highly urbanized centers like Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, etc. Currently, 9 out of every 10 immigrants are located in these cities.

The future movement of migrants in Canada is expected to rise in states that have until now remained untouched by immigration. Remember, the current year allocation of applications to be accepted through PNPs stand at 59000.

The future of applicants willing to settle down in areas away from the current destinations of migrants seems to be bright.

If you too are interested in moving through this or any channel to Canada, just fill up the free assessment form.


Australian Immigration Process

You could be a new entrant Down Under if you did everything required to obtain the Australia visa. With each passing year, the number of the immigrants to this country, in the southern hemisphere, has been increasing incessantly. You must be wondering why you are not there yet when you are highly qualified in your stream. But there is a catch to this situation, the Australian immigration visa can only be obtained by those who have their skills mentioned either in the federal or the state based skilled occupations lists.

If you think that you satisfy all the required parameters, there is nothing to hold you back, just rope in some experts and kick start the Australian Immigration Process. The things may get a little messy for you, when it comes to compiling all the relevant information regarding your profile, such as education and other necessary details. But, there is hardly any need to worry about this since you would always find some specialists to guide and assist you.

The process of Immigrating to Australia can typically start with you writing an approved language test to evidence your linguistic skills in the de-facto official language of the country: English, and getting your education and work experience assessed from an authorized Australian assessment agency.

Once these tasks have been successfully accomplished, you enter the next phase of application Process for Immigrating Down Under. For this, always ensure that you get a correct checklist of documents that you would need to submit in the first set of application. The first application is created online in form of an EOI – Express Of Interest – on SkillSelect Platform.

While creating an EOI on the Skill-select, you would need to also decide the program, from a list of schemes, under which you would like to place your request to immigrate to this country. I should rather put it this that the scheme under which your profile would easily fit.

The task of deciding which program can ease up your way to the destination you dream of can be effectively taken care of by the experienced minds. You just have keep cooperating with the people you seek help from.

Have any queries? And wish to know more on this? Just fill in a free assessment form with us and mail your details today.


Free Canada Immigration Assessment

It is always better to test the waters before you set your first foot into an endeavor which talks of immigrating to another location away from your home country. If this proverb were to hold true, it would be quite rational to get yourself assured before you go ahead with the decision of applying for Canada Immigration.

No wonder, Canada’s government is all keen about inviting immigrants from all over the world, but, nonetheless, it has also offered several programs to suit the needs and profiles of applicants with diverse qualifications and experiences. The objective of the authorities of the Maple Leaf country is to avoid clubbing of all applications under a single stream.

If you can read between the lines, you can easily decipher the goals of new Canadian Immigration scheme: which is more inclusive than being exclusive. Under the new strategy, the government hopes to populate the states and regions with qualified and willing immigrants, who are ready to settle down in various parts of the country unconditionally and contribute to the productivity of the local, as well as the nation’s economy.

To see this through, Canadian government has brought about substantial changes in the basic framework of country’s visa policy and opened it up for broader perspectives. Equipped with a potent platform like Express Entry, and promised cooperation of states interested in getting a rich haul of foreign immigrants, the government is ready to provide all possible pathways open to access of the migrants.

But, what we need to closely assess is that which program includes what and how can the mandatory steps involved in the visa process can be negotiated effectively. There would hardly be any surprise if you run into a whole diverse array of typical parameters and requirements of each the schemes currently open to public.

Language compatibility, age restrictions, education and professional experience, etc. all vary greatly in each of the programs, likewise, certain predetermined conditions of issue of permanent visa also fluctuate region-wise.

In such a case, it would be wise enough to get a Canada Immigration Assessment, so that you can arrive at a well informed decision and pin point the exact scheme that would open the doors of relocation to this country for you.

So, get some help to select the correct Canadian visa program and fill up free Assessment form with us.


Investment Program Yukon – Get Professional Assistance

What does an investor think of when they plan to make an investment in a foreign country? Perhaps, it’s the thriving economy, investment friendly atmosphere, strong manpower, profitable return on their investments, political stability and so on. It’s no surprise that the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’, Canada, offers all this and much more with the help of Investment Program Yukon. What is more surprising is that the nation’s one of the smallest territories has fast emerged as the most promising investment destination for the foreign investors in the country.

Yes, you guessed it right; here, we are talking about the Yukon—the sparsely populated Canadian territory that’s located in the nation’s northwest region! The territory sits between the Arctic Ocean and British Columbia (BC), with Northwest Territories towards the east, and Alaska towards the west.

Investment Program Yukon

If you wish to invest in the crime-free territory, then you will have to apply for the Investor Visa using the Yukon Business Nominee Program (YBNP). Yukon has a thriving economy largely dependent on mining, manufacturing, fishing, mixed farming and tourism.

Yukon Business Nominee Program

The scheme is an outcome of a mutual agreement between the Federal Government and the Government of Yukon. The objective of the scheme is to target applicants with the proven business skills and capital to manage and operate a venture in the territory, and through the venture contribute towards the territory’s economic development.

Since too long, the Yukon Government is committed to draw applicants with entrepreneurial skills. The ideal candidate is one who can enthusiastically participate towards the development of its business community and help diversify its economy further. To make himself a pretty strong contender, the applicant must show strong commitment to take an active managerial role while operating a business in the region.

If the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the apex visa & immigration body running the affairs for the country, finds an applicant strong, he will be nominated, and will receive a two years permit with an open opportunity to establish their business, and family in Yukon.

While the two years tenure comes to an end, the applicant’s performance will be judged by the Yukon Government, and if it is found that the applicant has successfully met the eligibility criteria, he will be given support and a referred to the IRCC for the cherished Permanent Residency (PR).

Investment Program Yukon — Eligibility Conditions

Among others, an applicant is expected to:

1) Score minimum score of 64 points on the Nominee Assessment Grid.
2) Submit a language score level i.e. 6 for International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or level 4 for th Test D’Evaluation De Francais (TEF),
3) Have three years of entrepreneurial or business management experience.
4) Possess not less than five years of business experience related to the business in question.
5) Have a personal net worth of 500,000 Canadian Dollars, obtained through legal means and duly verified by the territory accounting firm.
6) Possess at least 300,000 Canadian Dollars, in liquid assets, duly verified by the territory accounting firm, and earned legally.
7) Submit a detailed business proposal.
8) Furnish evidence that the claimed net worth and liquid assets have been received via authorized means.
9) Present a Resettlement Plan establishing their determination to start residency in the territory.
10) Intend to permanently settle here.

Business Plan

Investment Program Yukon Government accepts the business plan once the applicant meets the principle eligibility condition of the proposed venture. The proposal must include a detailed outline, how the applicant plans to successfully establish a proposed venture in one of the sectors listed on the Strategic Sector List.

Yukon Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) Petition–Why Get Professional Help?

The processes for submitting an application for a Yukon PNP could appear rather uncomplicated, and, no wonder, some candidates apply minus seeking any assistance and guidance from an immigration attorney or consultant, believing that they may easily do it themselves.

For the Yukon PNPs, there is a greater danger of rejection in cases where the application is not appropriately prepared. The standards are exceedingly high.

The documentation and procedures involved in successfully getting a PNP are pretty complex and frequently necessitate legal proficiency.

So, seek and get help and guidance from experienced immigration attorneys or consultants. They will be able to evaluate your case and advise a strategy to best serve your specific requirements.


Immigration to Nova Scotia, Canada-What Visa Categories Are Available?

Canada has 10 provinces and Nova Scotia is one of it. It is the second smallest Canadian province. It is also the second densely populated province and dotted with numerous estuaries and bays. Immigration to Nova Scotia has its own unique advantages. Nova Scotia is a major crowd puller because of its fossil-bearing rock formation that attracts scientists and paleontologists from across the globe to come to the place and explore its exclusive assets. The province is also famous the world over for its coastal beauty and mouth-watering delights.

Immigration to Nova Scotia, Canada–Visa Options

Try out any of these pathways for the object!

Nova Scotia Nominee Programme

To help the applicants in realizing their wish of moving to the country, immigration to Nova Scotia could be the right pathway. The Express Entry that was started in January 2015 has helped countless qualified and trained migrants to cross the borders and meet the requirements of the employers in the province.

The entire immigration process is managed by the federal and province governments where the former selects candidates for the province and then the province selects them for the Canadian Permanent Residency (PR). The aspirants who possess enough skill to meet the needs of employers are nominated for the immigration purpose through the Skilled Nomination Programme.

The NSNP invites applications under the following categories:

  • Nova Scotia Demand: Express entry- Express Entry 2015 is being used for selecting the applicants under this widely used category. The scheme is meant for the highly skilled aspirants who possess higher education and work experience. Their ability to settle in the province add-on to their chances of immigration to it. The demand of skilled employees is met through this stream.
  • Nova Scotia Experience: The applicants who are able to work successfully under a Nova Scotia employer, for a period of 1 year, are eligible for Permanent Residency (PR). Like other provinces’ intake, Nova Scotia also looks forward to the Federal Government to meet its skill shortage. The immigration process is made easier through the Federal Government’s express entry that opens numerous gateways for the talented people and they hence enjoy hassle-free immigration. The applicants who are able to make an addition to the economy get green signal for entry to Nova Scotia. Through this scheme good international employees are attracted and retained in the province.
  • Skilled Worker Stream: The aspirants who manage to get the nomination from the Nova Scotia employers can cross the borders through this pathway. Those who are skilled, semi-skilled and low skilled are eligible under this specific stream to apply.
  • Entrepreneur: Under this stream, the individuals those who wish to acquire a business or start a venture in Nova Scotia can take this pathway. Moreover, they should have plans to permanently settle in the province. It is mandatory that they actively take part in the day-to-day management of the firm/venture. In the wake of operating the firm/venture for a period of 1 year, the entrepreneur could get nomination for the prized Permanent Resident standing. Application to the specific class is strictly by invitation only. The candidate must possess a net worth of a minimum of 600,000 Canadian Dollars and also be in a position to make an investment of not less than 150,000 Canadian Dollars of his own money to set-up a firm/venture in the province.
  • International Graduate Entrepreneur Category: This stream is meant for all those graduates who have completed their higher studies from a recognized Nova Scotia University or Nova Scotia community college. Secondly, they should have managed their business in the province for a period of at least 1 year. Plus, they are expected to migrate on the condition that they will settle in the Nova Scotia permanently. The aspirants must have successfully completed a degree or diploma, post not less than 2 academic years of full-time, in-person study at a Nova Scotia university or Nova Scotia Community College. It is also mandatory that they have a legal post-graduation Work Permit. In case they plan to settle in the province, the graduate could be given nomination for the Permanent Resident position. Like the Entrepreneur Category, application to this class is strictly by invitation only.

Immigration to Canada made Way Easier

Imagine standing on the verge of being revealed something that has the potential to change your life. How would you feel if you came to know that Immigration to Canada shores has become a tad easy job now? I guess, if it were me, I would surely want to kick start the process as early as possible.

Collect all the necessary documents, complete all formalities, and embark onto the journey of lifetime that would ultimately end on the destination that I have been dreaming of. It has been a while since so many pleasant news have flown in a single file from the western shores that it had become way easier to get Immigration to Canada.

The newly improved Canadian visa system has it all; what you can easily term as exciting. No more remorse and uncertainty of waiting endlessly for an ITA after lodging an EOI in the Express System and getting paranoid after each draw indicated at the ever higher rising selection mark.

With the new policy, that empowers Canadian states to invite more and more people in specific and broader categories for immigration, well entrenched, it is bound to offer a much required pleasure to the people waiting on the other side of the visa counter.

But the box of the goodies does not simply empty itself here, there is another surprise that you may be in for, in this new set up, is the speeding up of the processing system. There have been satisfying reactions from the applicants all over the world that indicate that the applications for permanent resident visa have been duly responded to by the government quite promptly.

With more good news expected throughout the 2017, it would be really complacency on your end not Applying for Canada Immigration. Buckle up and get ready for a ride that eventually ends in fetching your much desired permanent residential status to this awesome location, just north of the USA.

There wouldn’t be anything to stop you from flying out west to your land of desires provided you make a fast move. Hurry up! And fill up the enquiry form and see your dreams get wings of reality.


Canada Immigration News 2017

The year 2017 is going to be a big year as far as the latest snippets of Canada Immigration News suggest. If one may not take major headlines seriously, it would be hard to ignore the latest trends in issuance of the ITAs since the incorporation of changes in the visa policy.

A large haul of ITAs

It was a pleasant surprise to witness an issue of over 3300 ITAs to the waiting applicants, from all over the world.  This was in due continuation of the trend that started after the incorporation of modifications in the Canada Immigration policy on November 19, 2016.

Since then, more than 11000 invites have been sent to people holding profiles in the Express Entry. Even going by the figures as revealed by IRCC, in the phase preceding changes – before the modification were affected – over one-thirds of applicants, out of the pool of 60689 people, were issued invitations to go ahead with the next phase of application processing.

The numbers of new EE profiles are expected to remain less than the ones moving out

The scenario is expected to further become more interesting as the number of Express Entry entries being received are expected to be much less than the number of invites issued. This is surely going to make the things more and more exciting as decreasing number of stationery profiles engaged in race for the ITAs are expected to stay low.

What it eventually means?

The signals are clear, as the Canada Immigration News bulletin suggests, the people waiting for the right time to squeeze in their applications by way of the Express Entry should hurry up the things and make a go for the permanent resident visa.

The Canadian government has also foretasted that the things are expected to improve further down the 2017 program and the visa program driven by economic considerations would make it easier for the people to set their foot on the shores of the country.

This is the time that is not to be lost since an opportunity as green as this may never appear again. It has been proven historically that people pushing in their requests for Immigration in the first few months of changes in the Canada visa policy have managed to gain entry quickly.

So no errors and no judgment misses, just think fast. Approach us for further details by filling in the enquiry form immediately.


Immigration to Canada Opens up for Indians

Finally with the turn of the year, the Immigration to Canada, your destination of desire have been thrown open for more and more applications. The government has come down with multi pronged strategy to invite qualified people from all corners of the world.

As per the trends, it can be clearly said that the current focus of Canadian government would be to allow entry of, as many people as possible and take all necessary steps to enable the new entrants to settle down in the country successfully.

Over the years, the authorities have worked relentlessly and updated the inwards migration policy to arrive at a set-up that could allow for successful integration of the immigrating families in the local surroundings.

Currently, several such programs have been laid open for you to access. You may qualify for any of these Canada Immigration programs, based on your profile and the conditions. Under the current scheme of things, you could successfully immigrate through Express Entry driven federal skilled programs and provincial sponsorships schemes – that are working in tandem with the Express Entry, the state specific PNPs, and the Quebec skilled schemes.

All the visa programs are guided by the independent program guidelines and formats. There are reports that people have even created multiple profiles for multiple programs. This sphere makes Immigration to Canada all the more interesting and as a matter of fact quite exciting. Never has in the past, such flexibility, in otherwise conservative policy, been experienced.

To apply for Immigration to Canada through any of these schemes, you have to just to compile all the required documents, in the desired format, and create an online profile on the designated portal, Express Entry – in case you are intending to enter the Maple Leaf country through a federal scheme, or EE linked provincial scheme; and the state government allocated PNP portals.

If you feel that this is the time you had been waiting for, you are bang on point. Kick start your immigration to Canada endeavor by contacting us and providing us some of your important details in the form alongside or you can also write on