Apply for Residency Bond Programme, Exploit Business Opportunities in Hungary


Apply for Residency Bond Programme, Exploit Business Opportunities in Hungary

Located in Central Europe, the Unitary Parliamentary Republic of Hungary offers excellent atmosphere and opportunities to all including the dynamic businessmen and investors. There are vast Business Opportunities in Hungary.

The country has capitalized on its amazing geographical location, and has become a logistics and manufacturing powerbase. It is an ideal place, either to expand existing firms or establish a completely new firm, courtesy its well-developed infrastructure, well-built industrial sites, science parks, official space, and cheap & educated labor.

Governmental incentives for the foreign business professionals, in the form of subsidized services and tax allowances, are major pull for numerous foreign firms looking for an opportunity to grow. The decades old investment friendly economic policies of the nation has started delivering results, in terms of country’s economic growth.

The popular industries in the country are Information Technology (IT), food processing unit, poultry and egg plant, textile manufacturing, plumbing, etc.

Business Opportunities in Hungary, mainly in its capital city, have been unexpectedly enhanced over the course of the past few years as a result of tremendous increase in the number of companies established here. But despite of the number of attractive incentives, establishing a business venture in Hungary can be somewhat tricky and complicated.

Perhaps, if you are thinking how you can make the most of the business opportunities in Hungary, then the Residency Bond Programme is the answer to your prayers. Blessed with several benefits, the programme has been successfully attracting numerous investor immigrants to its shores. As per some economists, the programme is widely accepted, especially by those who are looking for an opportunity to invest in Hungary or in Europe.

Required Qualifications

You will be surprised to know that besides the personal net worth or management experience the country does not ask for any specific qualification. However, the concerned Hungarian Immigrant officer reserves the right to call the applicant for a personal interview.

Investment Process

The widely accepted programme requires an investment of EUR 300,000 in government bonds, for a fixed period of five years. Once the tenure ends, applicant receives back his capital in full, at zero interest rate.

At the initial state, the investor is issued a Permanent Residence (PR) Visa with a validity of five years. At no extra cost the PR Visa can be renewed, and if you wish to become a Hungarian resident, then you can apply for the same soon after eight years of your stay in the country.

Certain changes were made in the programme in July 2016 and according to which the processing time has been substantially reduced and now it stands at just four weeks.

Hungary Business Programme Top Points

  • Programme covers the complete family.
  • Investment of EUR 300,000.
  • Investment in Government Residency Bonds.
  • PR Visa issued for a period of five years.
  • PR Visa can be renewed.
  • No strict requirement to reside in Hungary.
  • EU and Schengen Visa free travel, and
  • Just four weeks processing time.

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